Golden Triangles
(6 of 6)

Kraken Compass

Compass Base and Needle

Compass Quadrant

North Orb

East Orb

Tears of Lys
A gem said to grant visions to those in need. Rumored to be held by Thomas de Orinjo

Homemade Healing Potions, Qty: 5 (Kraken Jack)

Potion of Flying (Kraken Jack)

Potion of Floating

Potion of Invisibility

Potion of Phasing

Heart of the Carroway Tree, Can return a dead man to life

Scroll, thought to affect vision

Mummified Talking Head

Jewel of Judgment
– May

Rod of Water Bolt
– Unassigned

Necklace of Youth
– Unassigned


Bone Wheel, +2 Handling ( The Poseidon)

Green Dolphin Figurehead, +2 Handling ( The Poseidon)

Sharkskin Sails from the Carcanus +1 Travel Speed, +2 Top Speed
( The Poseidon)

Carroway statue of mariner, +2 to Boating rolls in a storm ( The Poseidon)

Magic Cannon Balls +1D6 – Qty 5 – The Poseidon

Fire/Water Cannon Balls – Qty 3 – The Poseidon

Personal Items

Stealth Slippers. +2 to Stealth (Kraken Jack)

Ring of Water Breathing (Anne)

Telescop of Spying (Anna)

Eye Patch. +2 Charisma (Anne)

Bracelet of Magical Protection (Anne)

Grael Ring (Gronk)

Mermaid Bracelet (Seratos)

Blackbeard’s Ring (Gronk)

Ruby Ring (Anne)

Monkey Bone Skeleton Key (Anne)

Amulet of Power (Ayasha)

Rusty Cutlass 1/1 (Jax)

Monocle of Darksight (May)

Dolphin Teeth Crown (Ayasha)


Chain-mail Vest (Constantijn)

Leather Armor. 1/2 weight (Ayasha)

Bracelet of magic resistance (Anne)

Black Beard’s Coat (May)

Red Beard’s Coat (Anne)


Stingray Rapier from Pirate Francois Lolonois’ Henchman +1 to hit / + 1 damage (Ayasha)

Saber found on Francois Lolonois D12 Damage (Seratos)

“La Espada de Vampiro”, enchanted sword given at Bluth’s Crown to help find Luis Domingo

“The “Mage Slayer”, a family heirloom of Senator Rinas Racen, given as payment to aid his daughter to safety, away from the Kieran Empire. (Seratos)

“Versalis” – known as “The Excalibur of Caribdus” (Seratos)

A pair of magic pistols. 2D6+3 damage (Anne)

“Le Dansuese” Rapier: +1D6 To-Hit (Anne)

Magic pistol. Has random chance to reload after each shot. (Constantijn)

Long Sword. +1 To-Hit, +1 Parry (Constantijn)

Axe. +1 To-Hit, +1 Damage (Darius)

Cutlass. +1 To-Hit, +1 Damage

Black Beard’s Sword

Great Axe, fire resistant

Great Axe +1 To-Hit, +1 Damage (William)

Scimitar +1d4 to damage (Jiacomo)

Non Magic Treasure

Kraken School Ring


Neptune Head Ornament

Potion Flask (From “Stumpy” Pete’s Treasure)

Ugak Shaman Monkey Necklace

Jade Monkey idol

Cursed Long Sword from Pirate Francois Lolonois treasure (+4 Damage) Given to Merfolk


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