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  • Ships

    *Swindon Navy* [[The Black Queen (Ship)| The _Black Queen_]] [[The Caribdus' Revenge| The _Caribdus' Revenge_]] [[The Poseidon |The _Poseidon_]] [[The Neptune |The _Neptune_]] [[The Black Queen II |The_Black_Queen_II_]] [[The Whale's Folly | …

  • HMS Lutine

    British frigate commanded by [[:captain-lancelot-skynner | Captain Lancelot Skynner ]] but better known as the ship that brought [[:annebelle-noire-aka-black-anne | "Black Anne" Annebelle Noire]] into Caribdus [[File:465946 | class=media-item-align- …

  • The Fortune

    [[Masaquani | Masaquani]] trading vessel. Commanded by [[:captain-alius-ale-1 | Captain Alius Ale]] and sunk by the Pirate Blackbeard.

  • The Neptune

    Schooner procured in Brigandy Bay from the scurillian [[:saricks | Saricks]]. Formerly captained by [[:darius-drak | Darius Drak]] and [[:annebelle-noire-aka-black-anne | Captain Annebelle "Black Anne" Noire]]. Now currently part of the Swindon Navy …

  • The Scrumptious

    Seagoing food warehouse and restaurant supply vessel commanded by [[:bartholomew-briggs | Captain Bartholomew Briggs]]

  • The Highlander

    Pirate ship commanded by [[:captain-darnell-dolt | Captain Darnell Dolt]]. Seized by [[The Neptune | The Neptune]] during a failed assault.

  • The Valiant

    A privateer ship Commanded by [[:captain-quinas-quin | Captain Quintas Quin]]. [[:thomas-de-orinjo | Thomas de Orinjo]] was serving aboard as a Fire Mage before his arrest

  • The Poseidon

    Brigantine acquired by the current and former crew of the [[The Neptune | The Neptune]]. Currently commanded by [[:darius-drak | Captain Annebelle Noir]]. [[File:465947 | class=media-item-align-none | Posiedon.png]] *Acc/TS:* 3/12*, *Toughness:* …

  • The Black Prince

    Once commanded by [[:captain-ioago-alfonso-de-toledo | Captain Ioago Alfonso de Toledo]], this ship has a dark past. It's human cargo lies chained in eternal rest, 20 fathoms below the surface.

  • The Destroyer

    Man-of-War, captained by the villainous [[:blackbeard | Blackbeard]] [[File:522948 | class=media-item-align-center | 450x600px | 600_443763048.jpg]] [[:blackbeard | Blackbeard]]'s crew of The Destroyer.