Captain Darius Drak

Masaquani Captain of The Poseidon and former Captain of the Neptune



STR: d8

AGI: d8
SMT: d6
SPI: d8
VIG: d6

Derived Statistics

Rank: Novice
Pace: 6
Charisma: +0
Toughness: 6 (1)
Parry: 6 (7 w/ Rapier)
XP: 0


Boating: d8
Climbing: d6
Fighting: d8
Gambling: d6
Intimidation: d6
Streetwise: d6
Persuasion: d6
Notice: d6
Swimming: d6
Stealth: d4


One Eye (Ma)
Vow: Kill Blackbeard (Mi)
Squanderous (Mi)


Commanding Presence


1st: Intimidation d6, Streetwise d6
2nd: Ace
3rd: Command
4th: Strength d8
5th: Block


Physical Description

Darius Drak is a young Masaquani, a few years past his sixteenth birthday though he doesn’t really keep track of it. Like most of his race, his physical appearance embellishes what he excels at and what his weaknesses are. His skin, a deep royal purple, exposes his lack of strength that is compensated by his unbelievable quickness and grace. With a lithe form, his body shows the wear and tear of a life at sea. With an almost wild mop of red hair that mirrors the shade of a firetruck and with light, silvery eye that are only matched by his almost consistent smile and upbeat attitude that seems awfully infectious to those who stay around him. The only real scar he has is the marking along his right eye, the scar from the bullet Blackbeard fired and took his eye. He keeps the wound covered with a black eye patch.

Darius tends to dress very lightly, only wearing his leather armor in times of expected trouble. He is usually shirtless, dressed in canvas pants and boots as he moves upon the deck doing work. A handaxe is kept secured to the right side of his hips while a rapier, worn with use, rests upon his left side. He uses no blackpowder weapons, his loss of his eye as a child causing him to disregard the weapons due to his lack of depth perception. In rainstorms or when being quiet is more imperative, he does wear a light leather cloak with a hood to fend off the storms of Caribdus.


Darius Drak was born upon his father’s ship, raised on the waters from the day he took breath. The son of a merchant and a captain, Darius only knew the oceans as his friend and trusted it more than he trusted the land under his feet whenever he was at port. While smaller and weaker than the other boys at his usual home of Swindon, he learned to be quick and to make friends rather than throw down and come home with a busted lip. To his father, Captain Alius Ale of the Fortune, he had all the makings of becoming a great captain. Darius would’ve like become the merchant captain his parents had expected had it not been for the terrible night off the Southwestern Coast of Arnk near the Kehana Flumes.

In a hope to finally retire and allow his wife a place to live and build her business, Alius took a major risk harvesting the minerals from the water of the Kehana Flumes. Luck had been on their side, as no roving band of ambushers attacked their ship, but a greater threat appeared from the darkness. Darius woke to the sounds of screaming and gunshots, a terrible raucous drawing him from the lower desks to see the massacre on board. It was impossible to see the attackers in the darkness, though he could see the glint of bloodied blades and the silhouettes of his father’s sailors decorating the deck from the flickering light of fire. The only man he could truly see was due to the fire that burned upon his face, wreathing him in smoke and making him appear as the Devil that the Visitor’s holy men spoke of. It was the man known as Blackbeard.

His father, beaten and bloodied, begged for the safety of his wife and child, his mother shaking in silence with a blade against her neck. Darius watched as the terrible man laughed and cruelly stabbed his father in the heart after whispering in his ear. Unable to hold back his cry, Darius caught the wickedness in that man’s eyes when he leveled his pistol where Darius hid and fired. Pain, blood, and blackness enveloped his world, the distant sound of his mother screaming was overwhelmed soon after by the roar of cannon fire and the sound of wood shattering all around him. Darius, even to this day, did not know how he survived as the warship destroyed the only home he ever knew and sunk it to the deep that laid fifty fathoms below.

Darius was found by a merchant ship, dehydrated and one the brink of death while floating upon the edge of the Flotsam Sea. While his life was spared, his eye was lost due to the bullet and infected that came soon after. Some said it was only through his will alone that Darius survived. The encounter changed him, pushed him forward and away from the path of peace and business his parents had planned for him. Vengeance consumed his thoughts, his mind, and all he craved was to drive a dagger through to cold heart of Blackbeard himself.

Since then, Darius has signed on with a multitude of crews to learn what he can and prepare himself for the hardships Caribdus has hidden just beneath the waves. His vengeance is only countered by his love of the ocean, the thrill of adventure, and the excitement of being upon a ship. It was while he was upon one of these ships that he came across the Grael known as Gronk, a simple but immensely powerful specimen of his race. The two quickly became friends and have since been travelling together and signing on from ship to ship, looking for work and adventure. Unknown to all but his friend, Darius also hunts for his opportunity to avenge his family and become the man who ended Blackbeard.

Captain Darius Drak

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