Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Quotes 6-12-16

Dan/Sarratos: we’ve got whatever that awful Kraken thing is (in reference to the whistle)
KJ/Risa: hey!
Dan/Sarratos: no, not you!

Dan/Sarratos: he swims faster than he runs (talking about Gronk)
Burke/Anne: well that’s not hard! He runs like a toddler!

KJ/Risa: Just don’t serve any squid like products (in response to Duckworth’s attempt at hospitality)

Burke/Anne: Duckworth isn’t exactly smart… He’s English
Evee/May: says the French woman

Dan/Sarratos: want to field test the Gronkapult?

KJ/Rosa: what if you wind up hating your kilt McCloud, it’s made of material.
Evee/May: then you’d never wear it
Foy/McCloud: no, I’d never wear any clothes
Evee/May: you’d be a Scottish nudist
(Whole crew shivers)

(Upon Kraken Jack suggestion of using his shell horn, an onslaught of taunts come from Anne)
Burke/Anne: yes, you’re an expert at blowing your horn.
Burke/Anne: he’s Kraken Jack, shell blower.
Burke/Anne: no! Kraken Jack conch blower!
(Crew roars in laughter)
KJ/Risa: stop making jokes at my expense!

Foy/McCloud: McCloud knows how to repair junk
Burke/Anne: yeah, he’s repaired his own several times (she says while lifting his kilt teasingly)



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