Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Quotes 4-24. Quality versus quantity?

Or maybe not...

Barry and Risa were both unable to attend so they couldn’t contribute. Anyway, on we go!
If our ship got a new female Kehana cook who had been named by the Masaquani, what would her name be? Rachel Ray! Heyooooh!
Somehow, the subject of butt-plugs got into the adventure. Evee/May, “I don’t wanna die like a butt-plug!” Burke/Anne, “Nobody does…”
Seratos stealthily approached the Necromancer (sideways, crabwise of course!) and was questioned as to why he was there, “We are here to recover Eridium to cure me!” To which the Necromancer replied, “You are beyond help.” Anne laughed at the meanness! As a side note, Anne has probably said that a LOT to Seratos, even before his unstable mutation!



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