Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Neptunians Ho! continued by Seratos

Who gets to be Toshiro Mifune?

After their ignominious defeat (and in spite of Bentley drawing two Jokers in a row for their leader!) to our surprise, Juan spared them and let them depart. He explained to us that the students from the competing schools sometimes undertook duels to first blood to determine the worth of their school’s training. Rafael Denoez, the leader of this latest escapade, had been expelled by Juan from his school for violent tendencies. But to thank Kraken Jack and I for our timely intervention he asked us if we would train at his school for a week, for free. We were most happy to comply. So the ship spent another week in port and the sailors got a goodly amount of shore leave to prevent any cabin fever for quite a while. Kraken Jack even bought a saber to use as his new backup weapon, should he ever need it.

One of the other sites in New Madrid we noticed before we left was an immense arena where the Visitors had planned to have some sport called “cowfighting” or something. But alas, all of their cows had perished and there were notices promising $3000 for a live Yellowback to fight. Although I don’t know how one would manage to capture and cage one and then transport it alive and well from Torath Ka to the Arena in New Madrid, it does sound more reasonable than trying to convince the Ugaks there to honor a foreign god…

Most of the larger ports in the southern Free Townes did not have cargo that would allow us to turn a profit, but I had determined that the smaller port of Tuck could provide us with cheap cargo that we could either sell further south or if need be, return to Brigandy Bay and turn a profit as we made another payment toward the Neptune. So we traveled uneventfully to Tuck. There we found difficulties in obtaining cargo. They explained that their fields were quite near the coast of the island, and since they were a small village without much weaponry or manpower there were frequent problems with raiders who would simply send men ashore to loot and pillage for supplies. Kraken Jack and I resolved to remedy this problem for them and they responded that they would happily give us some food as payment. Now all we needed to do was recruit five more Samurai…



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