Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Neptunians Ho! by Seratos

Five Easy Pieces of Eight

So as the leader of the sortie lay dying before us (courtesy of some of Kraken Jack’s most excellent fire Bolts) one of his companions pleaded with us for his life. He promised to return with him to the raiding ship and that there would be no further attacks by their ships on Tuck, and to warn other ships that the town was no longer without guardians. We took him at his word, and although it was difficult, we managed to stabilize his leader’s condition and escort him back to their longboat. They departed minus their guns and swords of course; we gave those to the good people of Tuck so that they might make a show of being able to defend themselves. They thanked us profusely and put Food on our ship to thank us.

Most of the people of Tuck were given over to agrarian pursuits, with one notable exception. I had been impressed by the workmanship of the mighty clock tower in New Madrid, in this tiny hamlet dwelt another great craftsman of timepieces named Joshua Goldstein. Where the gearwork of the clock tower had been most impressive on account of its size and mass, Mr. Goldstein’s works were the tiniest of miniatures by comparisons. Chronometers that could be carried in the palm of your hand and had minute minute hands! He asked if we would do him the kindness of taking some of his gearworks with used to set precise time at several different spots for his timepieces. You can imagine how helpful this would be for navigation and sailing so we heartily agreed. He needed us to mark readings on the instruments when we were in the port of Brigandy Bay, Kiera, and the northern “bulge” of Torath Ka. The readings should be taken at sunrise, noon, and sunset. When we returned these to him, he would be able to incorporate a calibration check that would make his clocks accurate anywhere on Caribdus.

So we set off with 4 Units of Food as Cargo, and several new Quests we can look into. We also have several magic items that I am still unsure of the value of, but in any event, we can certainly make another payment to Saricks. We have as “booty”:
$7000 P.O.E.
Neptune Figurehead
Vial of indeterminate magical potion
Wooden box with a mummified head that claims to aid us against the Sea Hags
Gold Triangle coin

I am quite willing to assume the additional booty Kraken Jack and I discovered on Kuwayway was spent in Carousing for a week in New Madrid. This would also be 39 days since we left Brigandy Bay so although our time to return is not exactly up yet, we may want to return whilst we are near and settle this month’s payment against the Neptune and also retrieve our collateral items. The ship will be in need of Dry Dock repairs (Careening) within a month also so there is that expense to be thought of…



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