Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #4

Tonight I write with a weary but angry hand, the blood of foul miscreants still staining my skin. In what has been a long while, I almost lost a member of the crew. Kraken Jack’s blood was spilled tonight and it was only the blessing of the spirits that he was not taken. It seems our deeds have reached the ears of dangerous men; a sure sign that we are becoming more prominent here within Caribdus.

After Seratos and Jack successfully fought off the raiders at Tuck, we made our way to the great city of Baltimus. It is here that the famous privateer named Admiral Duckworth resides since the docks are deep enough to man his Man of War. We brought our food with a special letter from the mayor of Tuck and discovered Mo, a Masaquani Super who signed on with us. We also met another Scurillian named Kenaidos (sp), a dealer in rare relics and treasures. While his good were too expensive for us to purchase, we were able to sell the figurehead of Poseidon as well as the potion for a large enough sum that we could finally purchase the Neptune! We kept the shrunken head as well as the strange coin, one that supposedly brought the curse of Redbeard Rufus upon us. I saw the red in that demon’s eyes and it was too similar to the darkness that resides within the accursed Blackbeard.

With our business now legal and a hold full of timber, we made our way out into the sea to return to Brigandy Bay. Along the way, we happened to catch sight of the frigate known as HMS Lutine, a ship with a captain that Anne had previous misgivings with. I expect that he will eventually be a trouble to us but I do not wish to risk the ire of the Great Companies for vengeance. Soon after though, we actually came across the massive ship captained by Admiral Duckworth; the HMS Justice. He asked to board our ship and inspect our wares. It is a miracle that our chances worked out so well, as we had just finally turned legitimate and convinced the admiral of our noble intent. With a slight hint of suspicion, he released us back into the sea without any trouble.

Only a few days out from Brigandy Bay, we came across a floating wreckage of a frigate. No survivors returned my hail, so we ventured upon it and looked for something to keep. Upon it, we discovered little treasure but a host of seaweed fiends. The foul beasts were no match for my axe, while my crew swept the last of them down. The wreckage was too damaged for us to salvaged, alas, so we left it on its course.

Once we arrived at our destination, we spoke to Saricks and paid off our debt in full. He seemed surprised at our ability to meet his demands and was quick to offer us another loan for greater rewards. I loathe the idea of being underneath the crab’s thumb once more and savored the chance to enjoy the freedom to sail Caribdus. Truthfully, at long last and with the help of my friends, I’ve become the captain I hope you wanted me to be. We went to celebrate our success with the crew and then head to the town of Swindon to careen the ship and begin our next venture. Bad luck would strike first, however.

I don’t remember how it happened, the drinks I savored must have been poisoned for I awoke not in my comfortable bed but in an alley being plundered by greedy men. They seemed to have heard that we have claimed L’Olonois’s treasure and wanted it for themselves. A struggle began and the fight was vicious. We were triumphant but Jack was grievously wounded. We took him to the best surgeon we could find, a man by the name of Doctor Bones. The man was a drunkard but he treated my friend and ensured that our ship mage would recover with no serious wounds.

Rather than wait and risk any further harm, we plan to make way to Swindon and begin the next part of our plan. With a proper amount of food in our stores, I believe it is time we give Tressa the Red a visit.


Oh, and Seratos will make sure to remind the Captain to remain in port at least one full day so he can calibrate the chronometric apparatus given to us by Joshua Goldstein in Tuck. The readings need to be taken at sunrise, noon, and sunset.

Captain's Log #4

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