The Company

This shall be the contract that all crew will sign upon joining the Company and they will be held towards its standards until the time that they depart from our company. There shall be two sides; the Company and the Crew. The Company is made of those who have survived the terrors of Torath-Ka and those that are invited into the Company. The Crew will be those who are hired by the Company. All Articles, unless duly noted, apply to all men and women aboard the Neptune.

Article 1: The Company shall hold all rights to votes in the moment and in planning. Every man and woman, however, shall have right to an equal share of food and strong liquor anytime they are seized, and shall use them at their own pleasure unless scarcity makes it necessary for the common good that a retrenchment may be voted amongst Crew and Company.

Article 2: The Company will share two shares with of any plunder or booty found with one another, splitting an additional three shares to the ship’s bank. The Crew shall receive fifty pieces of eight per month, one hundred pieces of eight towards those of unique skill or ability. Any found defrauding the Company or Crew of even a single piece of eight shall be marooned or given a suitable punishment decided by the Company and Crew. Any found robbing another shall have their nose and ears slit and shall be marooned on any island found or given another punishment deemed appropriate by the Company and Crew

Article 3: No gambling shall be had after leaving the shore, any found gambling on the ship shall be lashed forty times.

Article 4: The lights and candles will be put out at eight at night and if any wish to continue drinking they shall do so upon the deck with no light.

Article 5: Each man and woman shall keep their piece, cutlass, and pistols cleaned and ready at all times and be ready for any action.

Article 6: No man or woman who is not a member of the Crew, the Company, or a paying passenger will be brought on board and smuggled on. Any found doing so shall be marooned. None may make any push upon a prudent lady or gentleman without their consent. Any found doing so shall be put to death.

Article 7: Those that abandon the ship or their quarters in a time of battle shall be put to death or marooned.

Article 8: None shall strike another on the ship, but every man or woman’s quarrel shall be ended on shore by either sword or pistol. At the word of command by the quartermaster and in the view of at least two neutral members of the Company, those involved in the quarrel will take five steps, turn, and shoot. Any who violate this rule will be shot down by those observing. If both shall miss, they shall take to blades and the winner will be the one who draws the first blood.

The Company

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