Fund Ship and Crew operations (ongoing)

Join the Missionary group going to Torath-Ka, The Savage Lands to convert the Ugaks

Find and capture a Yellowback and bring it back to the Arena in New Madrid

Collect original artwork from Earth and deliver to Francois Petaine in Xaxa.


Contact Tressa the Red

Help Walleye find and possibly rescue his former captain Angus McBryde from an ill-fated expedition to the Eastern tip of Torath-Ka, The Savage Lands

Find “Stumpy” Pete’s Treasure

Pay off The Neptune

Capture or convince the Merfolk to join Phemona’s Exotic creature collection – ok, not “solved” but dealt with

Find Thomas de Orinjo and The Tears of Lys

Find and rescue Noran Nass a master shipwright in Kiera who disappeared under mysterious circumstances

Find Caylen Candelas and with his map locate the wreck of The Arkanaus.

Calibrate a prototype ship’s chronometer built by watchmaker Joshua Goldstein in Tuck

“Kidnap” Rana Racen and escort her safely to Baltimus.

Deliver a sealed enveloped from Enrico de Toledo, agent of The British East India Company to Edward Lazenby or Admiral Nelson Duckworth. (gave note to agent of the company in Lazenby’s absence)

Kill or incapacitate Bruno Baltimus

Avoid / Revenge Francois Lolonois (Entire Crew of The Neptune)

Aid Han Po by blowing up the firework factory of his rival, Lu Cheng

Aid a mysterious business man by switching out a bell on the junk King of Siam

Rescue Chui Lu, the daughter of Lao Wu from [[:shou-deng | Shou DengShou Deng]], a lieutenant of the warlord Mao Tzu

Return the remains of Machawi Mamoto to his brother Benga Mamoto in Tulago.

Find and rescue / retrieve Moti Makawn who was last seen on The Swift Wind off the coast of Torath-Ka, The Savage Lands. 2000 Piece reward offered by Mani Makawn.

Revenge on Blackbeard (Captain Darius Drak)

Find and explore the haunted tower off the coast of Brigandy Bay

Repair the Elemental Stones at Bluth’s Crown
Requirements: A gallon of water from the Visitor’s World, lava from the Volcanic Mountain of Torath Ka, a nugget of gold from the Kehana Flumes, and a bottle of air from the Coaker Mountains

Revenge on Captain Lancelot Skynner and the crew of HMS Lutine (“Black Anne” Annebelle Noire)

Revenge on the Sea Hags for the death of Kraken Jack’s parents

Destroy the Sea Hags with the aid of Science! (Seratos)

Solve the mystery of the Golden triangles

Stop Carbidus from flooding


Map the Coastline of Cuwayo. Report back to Jose Maria Caballeros in Marsales for 2,000 reward.

Warn the ports around Baltimus of the impending attack by the Spanish Guild.


Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms Orbix