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  • The Caves of Death

    Quote of the Week: "You can always count on Steve!" - Gorp the Grael referring to "Old Steve" during Steve's abandonment of "Gunpowder" while escaping a carnivorous centipede. The Poseidon made port into [[Wrasseton | Wrasseton]]. After a brief …

  • Wrasseton

    Rather small town, Pop. 1,100. Situated across from Teratos, Wrasseton has become a waystation for farmers and hunters from the interior. There are rumors of the mystical [[Caves of Death| Caves of Death]]

  • Caves of Death

    Mystical underwater caves hidden off the shore of [[Wrasseton | Wrasseton]]. Rumored to lead into a strange and dangerous world of ancient creatures and exotic places.

  • Emmet Everson

    Renown Brewmaster of [[Wrasseton | Wrasseton]]. Knows the secret entrance and exit of the [[Caves of Death | Caves of Death]]