Tag: Torath Ka


  • Ship's Log: Day 1

    The Rebecca encountered an unknown menace off the coast of Torath Ka, the Savage Land. The hull was ripped open and Captain Jonas Abraham was forced to beach the ship on the rocky shore. Our band of adventurers were tasked to explore the coastline. Two …

  • Scaratos and the Island of Dr. Marko

    The crew survived the rose labyrinth and had no difficulty dealing with the Minotaur. Across lava bridge they encountered [[:dr-nicholas-marko | Dr. Nicholas Marko]] and his aide [[:alexandros | Alexandros]]. With the covert aid of Alexandros, they …

  • A little Walk About

    The crew escaped the lava blood demon and associated Mephits, returning to the Mansion. From a journal entry, they learned of Dr. Livesey and how his work served to aid Dr. Marko's unusual experiments. On the way back to the ship they rescued botanist …

  • Torath-Ka, The Savage Lands

    h3. Home to the fierce tribal Ugaks. A hostile, hot jungle land filled with dangerous Yellowbacks, Monkapes, and powerful creatures of Ugak blood magic.