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  • Taverns and Inns

    h2. [[Arfk | Arfk]] h3.

    [[The Frigid Witch| The Frigid Witch]]
    [[The Holy Grael| The Holy Grael]]
    h2. [[Brigandy Bay | Brigandy Bay]] h3.

    The Black Queen

    The finest Inn and Tavern in [[Brigandy Bay | Brigandy Bay]], meaning the least flea infested establishment with marginally edible food. Average grog. Run by [[:halu-halooan | Halu Halooan]] but owned by [[The Coalition | The Coalition]]. Previous contact …

  • The Holy Grael

    Owned and run by [[:bjorn-olafsson | Bjorn Olafsson ]]. He named the tavern as a joke, but the name stuck. A favorite hang out for the local Grael.