Tag: Free Towns


  • Bluth's Crown

    Home to a dozen Elemental Mages who study magic emanating from 4 stones representing each element. The stones have recently started cracking and the mages, led by [[:pars-potri | Pars Potri]] seek to find a cure to the curios cracks.

  • Perck

    h2. [[Azy Cay| Azy Cay]] h2. [[Bluth's Crown| Bluth's Crown]] h2. [[Swindon| Swindon]]

  • Free Towns

    (Islands listed from North to South) h2. [[Sprith| Sprith]] 50% of Sprith's inhabitants are from mainland Europe, mostly from France and Spain, although other cultures congregate as well. h2. [[Taratos | Taratos]] A melting pot of languages …

  • Azy Cay

    Small pirate town run by [[:azy-anglsey | Azy Anglsey]]. Out of the way place away from the commotion and politics of the Great Harbor Ports.

  • Cuwayo

    h2. [[Baltimus| Baltimus]] h2. [[Dieking| Dieking]] h2. [[Lanos| Lanos]] h2. [[Maroa| Maroa]] h2. [[Xaxa| Xaxa]]

  • Baltimus

    The unofficial capital of the [[Free Towns | Free Towns]], Baltimus has a population of 30,000 and is home to the British East India Company. One of three cities in Caribdus, (the others being New Madrid and Kiera), Baltimus has the only deep water port …