Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

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Ship's Log: Day 1
Session 1: The Jungle of Torath Ka

The Rebecca encountered an unknown menace off the coast of Torath Ka, the Savage Land. The hull was ripped open and Captain Jonas Abraham was forced to beach the ship on the rocky shore. Our band of adventurers were tasked to explore the coastline. Two miles down the shore, they found an abandoned skiff.

While exploring the area, a vicious Yellowback came thundering out of the jungle. Quick on their feet, the crew dispatched the creature in short time. When they returned to the Rebecca, they found smoldering wreckage of the ship with no sign of the crew.

Blood-tinged footprints led into the jungle, where a shaman Ugak proceeded to conjure up a giant Monkape. Annebelle Noire valiantly shot at it with her two barrel pistol, but alas to no avail. Seratos, clocked more than a few Ugaks with his Cuisinart claws. Darius Drak and Rune fought with fervor, rescuing a captive musketeer, Constantijn Van Gelder, from certain death. Averting menacing Razorwings, our adventurers finally fell the ape with a targeted blow to the head thanks to Gronk and his battle ball. The remaining Ugaks were taken down, and Kraken Jack claimed the shaman’s amulet necklace for further investigation.

The Wrecking of the Rebecca

It has been a long journey at sea, a journey that has only taken a tragic turn.

Off the coast of Torath Ka, en route to the Kieran Empire, our fair ship’s bottom was torn from it like a coin from a dead man’s grip. We beached along the coastline, most of our fellows burning in the wreckage. Our captain escaped with me, along with a few others, and we maxe our way onto the blessed shoreline.

Once there, we were tasked to look for supplies to repair our ship or finding provisions to ease our possible stay. As luck would have it, we found the remains of a skiff that was quite. Similar in its wound as our own vessel. We began to scavenge it, this monstrous reptile emerged from the jungle and took to us!

My comrades fought admirably, with spell and flintlock, but it was steel that would triumph over talons today! My blade pierced its flesh, stagering back long enough for Gronk’s massive harpoon to slay it. It was a fortuitous event, as our Doreen named Rune was able to skin it and harvest its meat for us. With he salvaged wood and meat, we began our return to our ship only to find smoke rising in the distance.

The Rebecca was burned to the ground, blood decorated the ground like a crimson canvas, but there were no sign of our crew. It meant only one thing; Ugaks.

We tracked the beasts down to some sacrificial pool. Our surviving crew was there, some terrible shaman and his followers committing foul deeds. We came up with a plan, using Gronk as a distraction to allow Rune and I to come up behind some of the kidnappers and save our friends. The plan went as well as expected with a few minor hiccups.

Firstly, a crewmate was sacrificed and kicked into the pool, awakening this massive beast. The battle raged on, magic clashing with musket fire and the clash of weapons. In the end, we were triumphant and saved those that we could. Noe though, I wonder what shall we do next and what other horros await us?

Adventure Log 1, Part 1 by Seratos
The Motley Crew

It seems I am to be in the company of a racially-diverse bunch indeed. There is a Grael, a Doreen, a Masquani, a Kraken, and two Visitors accompanying me in this current voyage. The Rebecca suffered severe hull damage but luckily we were near one of the few remaining large land masses on Caribdus. Un-luckily that land mass was the savage land of Torath-Ka. But there was no other shore available so we beached her and the captain told us to scout along the coastline for wood or anything else which would help us. We did find another, much smaller ship, but unfortunately enough (sense a trend here?) she had also suffered hull damage that made her unseaworthy.

As we set about dismantling her, one of the massive creatures inhabiting the jungle nearby set upon us with a mighty roar. There were six of us at the time so it was speedily dispatched, even with the somewhat baffling “help” from the Kraken as he leaped into the surf behind us instead of casting magic toward the foe. Perhaps he was suddenly overcome with heat and fatigue from our long, hot journey along the beach, a fact later borne out by some of the other crew almost suffering a heat stroke later on.

The Doreen assured us that he was familiar enough with the creature’s anatomy to prepare meaty provisions for the ship’s crew so we set about carving up the beast. We fashioned most of the remaining timbers from the wrecked skiff into a sledge that the mighty Grael pulled along the shore with us as we turned back towards the Rebecca. When nearing the ship, however, we saw plumes of smoke rising from the site so we hurried onward to see what new calamity had befallen us! (Again, sensing a trend here…)

Gronk Log - big monkeyape

Darius Drak patiently acts as scribe as his massive friend recounts the recent events:
“The Rebca was a clean ship, and the cap’n he was a smart one, at least Gronk thinks so. But he was not smart to wreck a good ship. Gronk looked at big hole in the bulkhead and it look like a big shark…Gronk mean really big shark. Cap’n Johnesh did not like the big hole and wants us to fix it. Gronk followed Darius Drak to look for stuff, and we finded a skiff. It have a hole like the Rebca, but it was clean and no bloods."

“It was good wood and Darius Drak told me to take it back. Gronk started to pull the skiff, and people started yelling. Kraken Jacks runned into water and made magics. Darius Drak told me to stop and kill the big lizard…sometimes Darius Drak can confused…pull the boat or kill the lizard, Gronk can only do one thing. Lizard was far away so I throwed the harpoon, and pulling skiff back again. We got bad lucks coming back to Rebca on fire. No more crew and lots of bloods.”

“Gronk think about Red Mens but did not say cause it will make the lady visitor Black Ann scared. We find some Red Mens and some crews tied with rope knots. Darius Drak and Ruin maked plans with lots of talking. Gronk not listening to that much talking and goed to kill the Red Man magic singer who made big monkeyape come out of blood waters. Gronk do his bests to kill thems all. Two crews man are safed by us, Van Gelding and Smiffs. After we kills em all Kraken Jacks taked ugly necklace.”

Senior Executive Assistant Quartermaster Log - New Ship

Captain Darius Drak patiently scribes Gronk’s entry into his new log book:

After killing the Red Mens, Gronk pulled the skiff back to shore and helped to repaired it. Gronk found a good log book and cleaned out used pages. Captain Darius Drak made Gronk senior executive assistant quartermaster to help Siracha; he write down the words and Gronk tell crew to work and what stuffs to take and not takes. After make ship repaireds, Red Mens coming and Captain Darius Drak said make sails. Gronk pushed skiff out to sea before they gets to beach, and Kraken Jacks made a big splosion.

Captain Darius Drak sails for pirate town. We finds another crew on the way, like Siracha but nicer talking. In pirate town, Gronk gets to drinks good grog. Some dumb pirates try to hurt Black Ann and Gronk does not like that…and Gronk learn them to not be dumb. Gronk is disappoint that Grael and two Red Mens at door don’t play. Captain Darius Drak meets another one like Siracha who talks nicer. Nice crab man can helps cause he has a maps and a good ship. Bigger ship has more crew for senior executive assistant quartermaster boss Gronk to tell to do jobs.

Captain's Log #1

Well father, it has finally happened. It wasn’t how I was expecting it to be but I’m finally a captain. I wish you were here to see it, I know you and mother would be so proud. I have my own motley crew of sailors and dangerous men and women, the kind I’m sure you would look down upon but they are my friends and comrades. Together, we escaped from the depredations of the Ugaks upon Torath Ka and made way to Brigandy Bay. Not the best of places but food was low and we needed supplies to make our way.

Along the way, we encounter a Scurillian by the name of Equais, a surveyor with a troubling theory. He says that the waters are still rising and that in just a few years, there will not be any land and even the Coaker Mountains will be beneath the blue waves. I am no quester but this cannot go without someone’s attention and it is the Sea Hags who bring this misery upon us. Blackbeard is supposedly their servant and they are his patron, so it naturally behooves me to take the fight to them. The ally of my enemy is my enemy.

Speaking of allies though, I came across Captain Bartholomew of the Scrumptious. It was a fortuitous encounter, as he remembered his kinship with you and offered us provisions free of charge. I owe the man a debt of gratitude, should he ever call upon it. With food in our cargo and our stomachs, we made our way to Brigandy Bay.

I cannot say that we did not immediately enter into a bout of trouble, it seemed that some Visitors were being kept as slaves within the tavern “The Black Queen”. They offered a decent reward for helping them escape and, as fate would have, sailors came in and started a fight with my first mate Anne. Gronk was there though, so I feared little harm would come to them even with Anne’s skill with her blade. It was here that I met another Scurillian named Saricks, a money lender in the black market. I know what mother said about money lenders but we had lost all our cargo and had a measly skiff to call our own. He made an offer for 1,000 pieces of silver for a map to Francis O’lonois’s treasure. We decided as a company to take the map and an offered ship on loan. I am now the proud captain of the Neptune, our crew is shipping off soon to hunt down the treasure and see what wonders await us. I hope I am making you two proud as well as do right by my crew. Wish me luck!

Captain's Log #2

Today the crew and I returned from Monkey Island with the treasure of the infamous pirate in hand. It was a dangerous recovery, a bomb nearly killed our doreen friend and these tide vipers attacked from the camouflage of a shallow river. We escaped a swarm of razorwings intact, successfully returning to our ship while outmaneuvering a pursuing ship. It seemed that luck was on our side so far and we headed onwards to Bluthe’s Crown.

At the village where magic supposedly originated, we were told by the leader of the mages that the elemental stones had become cracked and their “resonance” was now no longer working. It would require the purest of elements, coming from some of the most dangerous locations in all of Caribdus. While I wish to help these scholars and mages, such a task seems outside of our capabilities. Fortunately, they understood our circumstances and offered rewards at each returned element.

We continued our trading path, desperate to bring up the two thousand pieces of silver needed to pay for our month installment of our ship. Saricks, the true owner of the Neptune, is willing to let us buy the ship from him in installments. I rather not upset our first friend and have him on our side as long as we can. We sold goods at Bluthe’s Crown, travelled to Azy Cay to pick up food, and then to Swindon to make a profit and purchase timber to sell back at Brigandy Bay.

While we were in Azy Cay, we met a salty sailor by the name of Stumpy Pete. A Visitor who was once a pirate, he spoke of a massive treasure upon the Whiplash Islands in the far North. For half of the treasure, he was willing to guide us to his old stash where we could hopefully save more money to finally purchase the ship for ourselves and be free to explore Caribdus as we wish.

Just before we came upon the coast, we were being trailed by a massive shark who followed the boat. It would’ve left us alone with no trouble if it was not for the fact we passed over the sight of some wreckage deep below. With the call to battle, Gronk slayed the beast and we pulled it up to take what we can and sell the rest. It seemed there was a battle with other sea beasts below the surface but Gronk, Rune, Serratos, and Kraken Jack were more than enough to fight them off. We brought up a good amount of salvage and supplies, enough to pay off another month. We’ll see what awaits in Brigandy Bay.

Seratos' Notes
Current(!) Debts and Quests

Still owed on the Neptune 17K, provisions left 23 Days, monies in hand 1260 Doubloons, Cargo on board 3 units of Timber and 2 units of assorted Goods. If we sell all of these in Brigandy Bay, the Timber should fetch around 1200 and the Goods 600, bringing our available monies to 3060, but we should probably pay the crew of Equias, John Smith, and our newest member Stumpy Pete something to have a good time in the port as we intend on a long voyage next. We also should do another payment towards the Neptune but perhaps we can interest our patron in a share of Stumpy Pete’s treasure of blue diamonds to extend our loan payment. Since we have started into “unlicensed trading” (more commonly known as smuggling) our main attention has been to rely on shorter but lucrative endeavors but our next voyage will be a much longer one and signs point to even more extended ventures in our future.

One of our stops was in the very small port of Bluth’s Point, notable for the Standing Stones there and mages that study these ancient sources of magic. The mages were concerned that the Stones themselves were cracking and needed certain esoteric items to cast a spell to repair them. Since the Stones resonate to Elemental power, the items to repair them need to represent the Elements. A gallon of Water from the Flotsam Sea, a quantity of Lava from the Volcanic Mountain of Torath-Ka, a nugget of Gold from the Kehana Flumes, and a bottle of Air from the Croaker Mountains. We were promised not only reward monies (6K) but also 8 magical potions if we could secure these items. As the items are scattered far across the world, the mages agreed to partial payments whenever we could return one or more of the items to them.

We also have acquired a magical longsword (d8) of unknown history, and a vest of interlinked chains that is +2 Armor yet only weighs ten pounds when worn. Another interesting item of note is a small pouch of blue diamonds Stumpy Pete has hidden in one of his wooden legs. He has promised us a share of the main cache which is why we are undertaking our first long voyage on the Neptune.

There is an old Visitor saying I once heard that goes: “May you live in interesting times!”
Of course, it could also be considered a curse…

Senior Executive Assistant Quartermaster Boss Log - shark steaks

(Captain Darius Drak patiently scribes while his Grael companion dictates…)

We are sailing again on the new good ships. There is more crews for Gronk to tell jobs to do, but they cannot move anchors even after Gronk shows them how. So senior executive assistant quartermaster boss teached them to do other jobs and they learn them good, but Smiffs is still shaky shakes a lot.

(The flourishing penmanship of the captain abruptly ends, a few telltale drops of ink trailing off the last sentence. The following pages are filled with several crude drawings of stick figures and animals. Looking closely, a crew member would be able to discern the events on monkey island and the sharks on the voyage back to Brigandy Bay. The written journal begins once more after a few pages of the childlike drawings.)

It’s OK Captain Darius Drak, Gronk made some good picture stories while you went to do captain steerings. Made picture of island with the monkey face and stupid razor birds. Gronk wanted to make picture of climbing, but did not want to embarrassed skinny crew that can not to climb ropes or rocks. We finded cave with treasures box, then Gronk digged a hole and finded another treasures box.

Gronk did make picture of sharks because they are good taste and makes steaks to eat with grog. The first one was a big shark, not as big as one that bite Rebca but still big fin for lots of tasty soups. And Gronk got more sharks meat from little ones too. Oh, and we picked up shiny treasures on bottom to help pays for Neptune.


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