Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Quotes 6-5-16

Burke/Anne – (to May) roll for wood
Evee/May – because that’s my specialty?

Evee/May – so Jack’s turning into a parasite?

Burke/Anne – (to Bentley and slightly mumbled) I can do fencing
Evee/May – (looking concerned) you can do frenching?
Burke/Anne – fencing, clean out your ears

Bentley – (npc in regards to Kraken Jack’s sex) Sir… Madam? (Looking confused) I’m not really sure which..

Kraken Jack – I hope it doesn’t start too early, I’m not a morning person (talking about the tournament)
Bentley – you’re not a person at all..

Evee/May – (upon showing her knives to prove her innocence) see all here and no blood… Er… No fresh blood.

Burke/Anne – (referring to a French man) I can talk to him
Evee/May – oh… That’s what you meant by frenching
Kraken Jack – and can get any information with that

Quotes are up, sorry about late posting again guys!

Murder in Jomba Town


Quote of the week:
Foy/McCloud – “You always have to ruin a cool moment.”
Burke/Anne – … “That wasn’t a cool moment”

After a brief ride on a sea turtle, our crew solved the murder mystery of Ian O’Connel in Jomba Town, laying the town’s namesake spirit to eternal rest. They even had a festival named to honor their ship the Poseidon. Are Captain Anne and crew ready to now take on the Sea Hags? Sail on to find out!

Quotes 5-29-16

Barry – (due to confusion) this is what’s wrong with my memories.
Bentley – All two of them?

While discussing different possibilities of infiltrating the Dragon Lady’s party
Dan/Sarratos – put a basket on the front door with a sign saying “free puppies”
Burke/Anne – and put you in it?

Bentley – You have a complex that way.
Foy – No, I’m just complex that way…

After several encounters with the ‘wu’ family name, an onslaught of word play ensues. Ones of note:
All players: woo-hoo!
Evee/May – wait was it wu-hoo or wu-who?
Burke/Anne – it’s both

Evee/May – (after a short discussion of Mr wu’s whereabouts) wu’s on first?

After a particularly spectacular movement, May lands perfectly having just killed two men in a single movement.
Evee/May – (upon landing) Tah dah!
Burke/Anne – (looking highly annoyed) What are you doing? Get to work!

Once again, the subject of butt plugs makes itself known thanks to McCloud’s noisy Dragon tattoo.
Burke/Anne – All Scotts must have a butt plug

Dan/Saratos – puff the magic Dragon… (talking about McCloud’s new tattoo)
Foy/McCloud – you always have to ruin a cool moment.
Burke/Anne – … That wasn’t a cool moment

Bentley – (seconds from death) this is your last warning, leave here now
Evee/May and Dan/saratos: we were leaving when you attacked us!
And then he was killed

Barry/Gronk – (to McCloud) you’d get a lot more confident in your repairing if you weren’t so ugly

(Sorry it’s late guys, enjoy!)

Good Fortune in Dieking


Quote of the game:

When trying to find a weakness of the Dragon Lady, the group gets a clue:
Bentley – “If you can find a way to bind her to her honor, she can not break that”
The group look at each other in deep silent thought, when:
Foy/McCloud – “… Welp! I’m gonna have to seduce her”

The crew had good fortune in Dieking, leaving town with some fresh ink and lots of Almond Cookies. Who will take the fall for Mr. Lu’s encounter with Silas? What will transpire between The Whale and the Dragon Lady?

Sail on to find out!

Quotes from 5-15-16

Burke tells a story about fishing
Barry – “That’s not fishing, that’s holding someone else’s rod”
Risa – “Which is never a good thing…”

In regards to the previous winning quote
Barry – “I think we should call GPS
Burke – “GPS?”
Barry – “Grael Protective Services”

Burke/Anne – Looking at Barry “I think you’re confused”
Risa/KJ – I’m not confused at all!" (She has a D10 in smarts after all)
Burke/Anne – “Not everything’s about you”

While attempting to haggle for a “fair” price with a shop owner
Risa/KJ – “You insult me Sir!”
Bentley/Shop Owner – (offended) “I am a woman!”
Evee/May – (muttered to KJ) “must not be a very attractive woman…”

When stopping for food, the chef announces today’s specials:
Bentley/Chef – “we have crab and squid”
Risa/KJ – (with a look of disgust) “Eww!”
Bentley/Chef – (glancing around in confusion) “what’s it’s problem?”

The crew speaks up with several ideas of how to infiltrate a particularly heavily guarded house…
Burke/Anne – “We could… But Jack really wants to blow his shell” in regards to Kraken Jack’s plan.

When trying to find a weakness of the Dragon Lady, the group gets a clue:
Bentley – “If you can find a way to bind her to her honor, she can not break that”
The group look at each other in deep silent thought, when:
Foy/McCloud – “… Welp! I’m gonna have to seduce her”

Risa/KJ – (to the group) “focus or we’ll never get this done”
Foy/McCloud – (with a look of determination on his face) “Oh, I’m gonna get this done”

Burke/Anne – Having exploded on his stealth roll “I am ze French Neenja!”

Burke/Anne – “All lady Kraken’s say ‘what’”
Risa/KJ – “What?”

Quotes from 5/8/16

Burke/Anne: “We are adults” -met with several chuckles of disbelief

Barry/Gronk: “Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee” in reference to Kracken Jack’s heroism
Burke/Anne: “No, it’s more like stings like a butterfly, floats like a bee”

Risa/KJ: “Gronk, stay out of there, I have no food hidden there” in response to Gronk’s sudden realization that Kracken Jack was a gasp male!

Burke/Anne: “McCloud, why don’t you oil Gronk so he can fit” when worried about Gronk fitting in a tight squeeze.
Foy/McCloud: “Again?!”

Foy/McCloud: At the realization that the scribe was noting his questionable past with oiling the Grael “Don’t write that down!”

Bentley: “You see a bright red glowing” (coming from a questionable red gem)
Barry/Gronk: “It sounds like an irritation”

Burke/Anne: “But it could be magic!” to Kracken Jack in an attempt to have him ‘heroically’ lead the party into a possibly deadly circumstance.
Risa/KJ: “I don’t want to die” in response, and keeping her firm position… in the back

Risa/KJ: “Love affair gone bad, Anne?” in reference to finding a dead Long John Silver

Barry/Gronk: “What happens at sea, stays at sea”

Burke/Anne: “Take Red Beard’s Coat, I’m not dressing like the bloody English!” as she tosses the red coat aside in distaste (only to take it back when learning of McCloud’s possible intentions)

Benny stuff from 5-1-16
The first hit from the Vampire Sword is free!

Burke/Anne, “We have just as many rights (to extort, pilfer and racketeer) on Caribdus as the English!”
Evee/May, “Says the Frenchwoman…”

Risa/KJ, “Hey, I have a d10 in Smarts!”

Dan spends a copious amount of Bennies on rerolls for Seratos to attack, (In Seratos’ words) “Riggin’ Suggin’ Buggin’ crabs!”

Risa/KJ gets entagled by webs that giant spiders shoot, but not for long, “The Kracken released himself!”

Quotes 4-24. Quality versus quantity?
Or maybe not...

Barry and Risa were both unable to attend so they couldn’t contribute. Anyway, on we go!
If our ship got a new female Kehana cook who had been named by the Masaquani, what would her name be? Rachel Ray! Heyooooh!
Somehow, the subject of butt-plugs got into the adventure. Evee/May, “I don’t wanna die like a butt-plug!” Burke/Anne, “Nobody does…”
Seratos stealthily approached the Necromancer (sideways, crabwise of course!) and was questioned as to why he was there, “We are here to recover Eridium to cure me!” To which the Necromancer replied, “You are beyond help.” Anne laughed at the meanness! As a side note, Anne has probably said that a LOT to Seratos, even before his unstable mutation!

The Drapes of Wrath
Benny-eligible quotes from 4-17

A follow-up comment from Seratos on the “Humans taste bad.” controversy was “Not if you use enough of the right sauce…”

Zombies were attacking the crew, and Gronk was defending them. Burke/Anne, “Zombies want to eat brains. They should choose a different target besides Gronk.”

Risa/KJ, “I don’t have much of an exoskeleton.”
Bentley, “No bones about it!”

Upon seeing the impressive scenery layout for the mission Dan commented, “Welcome to Castle Anthrax!” and “This doesn’t look at all like a trap.”

Foy gets credits for starting the a whole comment section when animated draperies attacked Gronk, “It’s curtains for Gronk!”

Later, as McCloud struggled against more of the castle’s furnishings he declared, “In this adventure I have killed a sheet.”

Still later, it was revealed (by Foy playing an Adventure Card) that McCloud’s sworn enemies were the draperies that had engulfed him and Dan declared, “Looks like it’s curtains for McCloud now!”

Barry contributed, “My name is Scottish Green Tartan, prepare to be dyed!”

Kraken Jack was attacked by the library volumes and Dan/Seratos said “Look out, Kraken Jack, he’s gonna throw the book at you!”

Seratos snuck into a secret corridor where he was confronted by an Earth Elemental and said, “Time for a soil test!”

In the chapel, shattered shards of stained glass attacked us, and Dan said, “Glass people should not throw stones in this house.”

Risa/KJ commenting on yet another scheme for dealing with the animated tables and chairs, “That WOOD have been a great plan.”

With quiet grace as usual....
Crab Man becomes Rain Man "I gotta system!"-Seratos

Bennie quotes from 4-3

Dan, “Yes, everybody gets to take a turn as the Tower of Death.”

After vanquishing the Inquisitor, we make haste to install his mighty cannons on board our ship, with two characters highly interested and Dan declares, “Seratos and McCloud are both gun nuts.” Burke/Anne quips “ Or both just nuts!” So the working title of our new ship becomes “Chock Full O’ Nuts.”

When Captain Anne realizes that they STILL have to get a sample of elemental air from the top of the Coaker Mountains she does her best Yosemite Sam impression yet. “WHAT! Riggin’ raggin’ friggin’AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!” The crew will be refinishing the deck for weeks…

Bentley has more good news, “Meanwhile, Carifax is with you …” (interrupted by loud groans from the players!)

Bentley describes a beast as, “It looks like a little mountain lion, only bigger.”

Burke/Anne, “Seratos says it looks really strange, and he owns a mirror.”

Gronk quietly confides to McCloud, “Humans taste Bad.”

Foy/McCloud, “I can fix that!”


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