Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

What's this Monkey Business in Dieking?

Our crew valiantly infiltrated Shou Deng’s compound in attempt to rescue Chui and claim their mystical tattoos. Defeat Mao Tzu’s lieutenant they did, but alas Chui could not be found. Could the curious statue of a Jade Monkey hold clues to find Chui? Where will our heroes venture next and what danger awaits them? Sail on to find out!

Taking care of Business, Fireworking Overtime

Our fearless crew made good use of of stealth and were able to sneak aboard the King of Siam, replacing the ship’s bell with a duplicate. They returned the bell to the mysterious businessman, only to learn of a more risky mission at Tonkan Point, but one with potential for greater reward. Also, they were successful in blowing up the Lu Sheng’s’ firework factory at the request of Han Po. True to form, Seratos gained yet ANOTHER scar. Where to next? Will our heroes save kidnapped Chui in time from the clutches of Shou Deng, the lieutenant of warlord Mao Tzu? What dangers in Dieking await our crew? Sail on to find out!

Some Junk in Dieking

Quote of the week: “I’m broke, in more ways than one…” – Seratos

After brief stops in Azy Cay and Tulago, our crew sailed on to Dieking, for their first journey to this impressive and unique city state. There they met Lao Wu, a skilled tatoo artist with mystic ability. His daughter Chui was kidnapped by Shou Deng, a lieutenant of the warlord Mao Tzu. They trained with Master Sheng, a highly skilled martial arts instructor.

At the Jade Pagoda, they met Han Po who asked for help in blowing up the firework factory controlled by rival warlord Lu Cheng. Gronk and Seratos gained some fortune and fame wrestling at the Red Lantern, with Seratos looking a little blackened at the end. Their performance drew the attention of a businessman who tasked them to bring him a mysterious bell from the junk, The King of Siam.

And finally congrats to Gronk, who is now the proud father of two Roc chics!

What path lies ahead for our crew? Will their new allies prove trustworthy? Will they invoke the wrath of angered warlords? Sail on to find out!
A Sandwhich minus the Mayonaise

Our intrepid crew sailed once again, making their way to Tulago to take on the vile Francois Lolonois and rescue Alain Amemnus. After a quick self helping of Grog, entirely consumed by Gronk, the alarm was raised. After dispatching Lolonois, our heroes found a peculiar map with only Monkey Islandas recognizable feature. Sailing South to Bluth’s Crown, our crew reconnected with the friendly elemental mages. Armed with a host of new magic items, where will they sail next? To investigate the mystery of Monkey Island? To the Coaker Mountains or Torath Ka? Sail on to find out!

The Shore at Swindon

“At least I don’t have a monkey named after me!” -Kraken Jack to Captain Anne

After a brief stop in Baltimus, the Poseidon crew made way back to Swindon to see how things were going in their new protectorate. A few exploding pinatas led them to trail of Garth Glut, brother of Garron Glut the town’s former ruler who was not happy about losing his title. With a cunning plan they dispatched Garth and crew, claiming a Kieran cutter for their own. After prompting some “inspiration”, they learned the Prince of Ograpog was rumored to be alive and held captive by pirate Francois Lolonois in Tulago. Will our heroes undertake a daring rescue attempt? Will they die trying? Sail on to find out!

The Maneaters!
"Now you get to roll on the incapacitable!" -Dan
The crew of the Poseidon took on the plundering pirate captains from Earth, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. After a good fight, our heroes vanquished the deceitful duo, providing them an extended tour of Davey Jone’s locker. Now what danger lies ahead? Sail on to find out!
City Watch? We don't need no stinkn' city watch!
Curse ye! May the flesh fall off your bones!


Our fearless crew once again stared danger in the face without a blink. In Bristo they took possession of another golden triangle, but only after taking on a few monkapes. After enjoying some hospitality and another fine meal in Tulago, they continued South to Swindon where they had a little run in with the local city watch. Gronk found a new toy- a “talking” skeleton.Where did One Eye’d Bob go anyway? Local heroes or wanted murderers? What happens next to our heroes? Sail on to find out!

That Lazenby scum, a good French meal, and rice farming

Quote of the week: “I don’t know what sword you’re talking about, and it’s our anyways”. -Kraken Jack

Our heroes escaped the burning Mansion of Bruno Baltimus and located the safe-house of treacherous Edward Lazenby. After risking their lives to free him from a false kidnapping, they made their way to Xaxa, enjoying some well deserved French cuisine. Then off to Lanos where they solved the mystery of the missing rice farmers and dispatched opium smugglers under the thumb of Mao Ping. What adventure lies ahead? Sail on to find out!

Death and Sharksteaks at Baltimus Manor
This week's T-shirt: "Welcome to my world!"

Our fearless crew donned their best evening attire and ate and drank their way through the late night soiree at the manor of Bruno Baltimus. Despite Jack’s alcohol induced vertigo and Gronk’s gluttony (can you say shark steaks?) our heroes were able to dispatch Bruno, thanks to Chef Seratos and Anne’s guile. Will they take Versalis and escape with their lives? Will they burn to a crisp? Sail on to find out!

Adventure and intrigue in Baltimus

The Neptune and the Poseidon are back in Baltimus. Our heroes rescued Cornelius Crumb from his imposter and delivered Rana Racen to safety. After foiling an assassination attempt on Edward Lazenby, they continue to search for clues. Where is Lazenby? Who is Mannie Morkan and why does he really want Bruno Baltimus dead? How many eclairs can Gronkreally eat? Sail on to find out!


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