Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Blackbeard no more

With fortune on their side, our heroes encountered Blackbeard on the high seas. With great bravery and a cunning plan to disable The Destroyer, our heroes took down the villainous pirate and reclaimed the sword of King Amemnus. The loss of The Black Queen (Ship) was a small sacrifice in the struggle against the Sea Hags. But will fortune allow enough time to stop Caribdus from flooding? Sail on to find out!

The Cuna Raid and the Death of Karl the Red

After picking up a new cook in Wrasseton, Chef Garth, an Atani with a mysterious past and a penchant for poison, the Poseidon made way to Cuna. They were asked to help defend the village from menacing pirate raids. Captain Anne and Seratos devised a clever ruse and ambushed the vile attackers. They saved the townsfolk, despite more than a few buildings set ablaze. The duo bravely infiltrated a Galleon commanded by Karl the Red. After several blows, both on deck and between ships, and with some help from mage Kraken Jack, Karl was conquered and the last of the golden triangles was revealed. With all of the six triangles, will our heroes now be able to claim the treasure of Redbeard Rufus ? Will they die trying? Sail on to find out!

The Caves of Death

Quote of the Week: “You can always count on Steve!” – Gorp the Grael referring to “Old Steve” during Steve’s abandonment of “Gunpowder” while escaping a carnivorous centipede.

The Poseidon made port into Wrasseton. After a brief encounter with a certain pub owner Arni, now deceased, our heroes were approached with a plea to find Emmet Everson and his missing son, feared lost to the Caves of Death. Captain Anne and Gronk braved great dangers, including an alligator, primitive tribesman, quicksand, a saber tooth tiger, and even dinosaurs! Yet their skill and cunning led to a successful rescue and a lifetime of free ale from the grateful brewmaster. What adventure lies ahead? Sail on to find out!

Night of the Lutine
Trouble with Trabbles

Quote of the week: “The annoying one’s never die.” -Capt. Anne.

So what REALLY happened in Baltimus the night of the Lutine debacle? For that you’ll have to ask the crew. And what’s with Gorp? She’s starting to look a little like a Grael Wererat!

Fun times on the Pirate Sea

Quote of the week: “You can’t fool me. I’m on a secret mission!” -Capt. Anne speaking as Gronk

We last saw the Poseidon coming within sight of the villainous pirate La Sanguine and his galleon The Nightmare Ascendant. The chase was on, and our heroes made an able get away. The Pirate Sea is no place for the weak hearted, for the Poseidon braved not one but THREE legendary horrors. They escaped La Sanguine, survived a fireball from Redbeard Rufus, clearly becoming inpatient in his quest to reclaim his Golden Triangles. Fortune was on their side, as they made haste past none other than Blackbeard and his Man-of-War The Destroyer, TWICE. After a brief stop in Tulago to return the remains of Machawi Mamoto to his brother Benga Mamoto, the Poseidon made way to Caresia. Spending some time with Hrek, the dim witted Grael with a fondess for gambling, and his Mimic Parrot Polly, the Poseidon crew found the remains of other sailors who met an unfortunate end, along with a tip of a Golden Triangle. At last they made safe harbor into New Madrid. Will perils lay ahead? Sail on to find out!

Mission: Redonkulous "Sour Grapes"
Journal Entry by Seratos

Seems that our little stealth mission to sneak poisoned wine onto a ship bound for Kiera, and more specifically, the HMS Lutine, which Captain Anne has no love for, ran into a couple of snags. Those snags would be Gronk and Kraken Jack.
Captain Anne chose not to attempt to board the vessel herself, lest she be recognized and cause the plan to fail, since it relied on no alarm being raised. Another necessary component of the plan was that there be no damage to the ship or the crew, a simple substitution of a barrel of poisoned wine for another barrel was all. There was an attempt to TRY to minimize damage, it appears, at least that is how Kraken Jack and Gronk explained it to me.
The plan seemed simple enough. Gronk and Kraken Jack would attempt the shenanigans aboard the vessel whilst Anne and I lured away the ship’s watch. Anne and I succeeded in gaining the attention of the ship’s watch without raising undue alarm (Success) and led them on a merry chase throughout the harbor’s streets (Success) giving Gronk and Kraken Jack ample time for their part of the mission. Time, however, was not the cause of the mission’s collapse.
G and KJ were to sneak onto the ship, (Fail-GronkStealth is not really Stealth at all) carrying a barrel of poisoned wine (Success!), sneak it into the lower decks (Fail-it managed to tumble and roll away from KJ while on his trip to the lower decks), and substitute it for the actual wine cargo (Fail-See above), remove the substituted barrel (Fail-see above and notice a trend here…) all the while avoiding crew (Fail-both G and KJ managed to alert them), and causing no undue damage to the vessel (Success) or crew (Fail-KJ’s spells got the better of several crewmembers and did major damage to them). Even Captain Skynner was alerted that something was amiss on his ship and G and KJ had to beat a hasty retreat when it became obvious the mission was broken. And so was Gronk (Heyoh!)
They DID manage to leave the barrel of poisoned wine onboard the HMS Lutine, however, and knowing sailors’ fondness for drink it is not beyond hope that a few of that scurvy crew, even Captain Lancelot Skynner himself, might imbibe some of the foul brew and suffer deadly consequences. Such a hope would seem to be faint though, or maybe just a case of “sour grapes”…

Kraken Jack hijinks and Gronk Stealth on the Lutine
adieu to the Jade Monkey

This week’s quote: Capt. Anne: “Didn’t you sell the Monkey?” Seratos: “You mean this Monkey?” (points to Jade Monkey)

Sailing away from smoldering Maroa, the Poseidon set a course for Baltimus. At sea, they encountered the unworldly Redbeard Rufus and dispatched his zombie hijackers. Making port at Baltimus, they made some profit on selling goods and rid themselves of one Jade Monkey. They devised a brilliant plan of stealth and deception to sneak aboard the HMS Lutine and deposit a poisonous ruse. What could possibly go wrong? Most everything. Will the poison wine make way to Kiera? What fate awaits the crew of the Lutine? Can the Poseidon overtake La Sanguine and his galleon The Nightmare Ascendant? Or will they soon meet a watery grave? Sail on to find out!

The Sack of Maroa

Having survived Big Trouble in Dieking, and with the ink on their new tattoos hardly dry, the crew of the Poseidon set sail once more. Off to Maroa where they learned the truth about disgruntled Camly Crass and “The Devourer”. Our heroes saved the Atani from total annihilation, but an angry mob fueled by Crass and his hatred of the Atani devastated the city. The leadership of Captain Anne, the aerial skills of Seratos (yes, you heard that right, aerial skills!), the brawn of Gronk, and the heroism of Kraken Jack earned the crew a magical heart of a Carroway tree for their efforts. Will the Atani rebuild Maroa? Will the "N’eather’s " rise again? What will become of Camly Crass? Sail on to find out!

The Eyes of Dr. Zin.....


This week’s quote: "I can’t read that. / It’s phonetic. " -Kraken Jack / Capt. Anne

Our courageous crew entered the lair of Dr. Zin and took him on, along with brutish Iron Chang and the scorpion Tong. And their scorpions too! They freed Chui in the nick of time from near certain death. After a few words with battling Fire and Water Dragons they reclaimed their weapons, but only after defeating a brass lion. Escaping the collapsing ruins, our heroes returned to Lao Wu and claimed their magical tattoos. Where did Dr. Zin escape to? Will his watchful eyes find vengeance? Sail on to find out!

More trouble in Little China

This week’s quote: “Krakens are cool – they can breathe water. / That’s the only reason.” – Kraken Jack / Capt. Anne and Seratos

Our heroes followed the trail of the Jade Monkey in attempt to rescue Chui. After a frenetic chase through the heart of Dieking, they encountered the Black Scorpion Tong in a not so abandoned warehouse. There, they stumbled onto the lair of fiendish Dr. Zin and overcame his sinister death trap, feeding Miss Woo, Master of Poisons to the sharks in the process. Will they free Chui and claim their mystical tattoos, or will they fall to Dr. Zin and the Scorpion Tong? Sail on to find out!


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