Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Yet another cook in the kitchen....
and Cream Brulee's abound

Quote of the game:
Evidently McCloud was very impressed by Seratos actually learning a useful combat spell (Water Burst) “Seratos – I choose you!” And then, after a moment’s thought, “I hope that’s seawater he’s using…”

Our crew claimed their bounty on La Sanguine in Shark Bay, with brief stops in Bluth’s Crown and Azy Cay, and Swindon. They encountered Redbeard Rufus yet again and struck a deal with the spirit wherein they returned their claim to his partial treasure in return for later and greater fortune.

While at sea, they chanced upon a derelict ship, The Invincible, claiming some of its bounty, sending its cursed coins and creepy ghost bride to the ocean depths. Finally defeating a Devil Ray, they enjoyed fine Cream Brulee’s provided by the ship’s latest cook, Chef Grath. What adventure lies ahead? Sail on to find out!

Of Treasure Island, Ben Gunn, and the death of La Sanguine

Quote of the game:

Anne/Burke to Long John Silver, “I wanted to kill you, but they talked me out of it.”
Long John Silver, “Smart crew you got there, Cap’n.”
Anne/Burke, “Not really…”
Other players (chorus) “Hey!”

After taking out the haunted ship construct, our crew encountered the (apparently) only living human inhabitant of the island – Ben Gunn. The scraggy pirate was eager to get off the island after being marooned. He revealed the location of a modest amount of treasure but raised suspicion that greater riches lay hidden somewhere on the island. Long John Silver, being less than helpful, was left marooned to fend for himself.

Back at sea, our heroes encountered La Sanguine. After a valiant fight, they claimed victory over him and his ship The Nightmare Ascendant – a Galleon! What adventure lies ahead? Can Dr. Livesey be found in time to cure Scaratos? Will they survive to return to Treasure Island and claim hidden booty? Sail on to find out!

Thar be treasue here!

Quotes from 1-31-016

Anne/Burke, “If we hire Long John Silver to cook, that makes him part of the crew.”
Kraken Jack/Risa, “I don’t feel bad about killing any of our crew.”

Anne/Burke, “Kraken Jack IS a walking, talking, Hindrance.”

Anne/Burke, “Long John Silver has treasure?”
Kraken Jack/Risa, “He has golden hush puppies!”

Bentley, “If Anne careens the ship in Kiera that would make her—-Anna Kareena!”

Anne/Burke, “I can’t read this writing.”
Kraken Jack/Risa, “What, it’s not in fancy French script?”

McCloud/Foy, excited, “Oooh-Ooooh-Ooooh!”
Seratos/Dan, “What are you, Koko the chimp?”

For the portrait of McCloud triumphant, Kraken jack suggests “Squeeze me for ink, and get oil from Anne’s hair.” McCloud is not sure how he feels about “Bodily fluid art”.

Anne/Burke to Long John Silver, “I wanted to kill you, but they talked me out of it.”
Long John Silver, “Smart crew you got there, Cap’n.”
Anne/Burke, “Not really…”
Other players (chorus) “Hey!”

Land Ho! Treasure Island!

Quote of the game: “Now that Captain Anne is dead, Kraken Jack can be Captain!” – Kraken Jack

Landing on Treasure Island, our heroes fended off animal inhabitants including infectious mosquitoes, rattlesnakes, an alligator, and a tiger! With the beguiling yet charismatic Long John Silver in tow, the crew explored the stockade and then made their way up to Spy Glass Hill. Surprised to find mutineers among them, they unearthed the remains of “Bloody Gums” and found a key buried with him. From their vantage point, they spotted a shipwreck.

Down to the coast, our heroes explored the haunted hull’s remains, facing off Sea Weed fiends and a construct of the ship’s abysmal animus. Kraken Jack nearly lost his (I’m not an it!) life in (not surprising) attempt to claim treasure. With the teamwork of Scaratos, McCloud and Captain Anne, Kraken Jack remained unscathed after a daring rescue. Will the crew claim the riches of Treasure Island before the island claims them? Sail on to find out!

Benny Quotes from 1-24-016
Gettin' a mite testy, are we?

Quotes eligible for Bennies from 1-24-16:
Anne/Burke, “My coat gives me 2 Armor.”
Kraken Jack/Risa, “Well aren’t you special!”

Kraken Jack/Risa, “I prefer seawater.”
Anne/Burke, “You’re weird, even for a Kraken.”

Kraken Jack/Risa, “Now that Anne is dead, Kraken Jack can be captain!”

Anne/Burke, “You killed two foes with your fireball, and also toasted an innocent waitress. You could have just cast a Bolt spell at them!”
Kraken Jack/Risa, “Well you never know…”

Dan, “Our ship is like Vegas, whatever happens at sea, stays at sea…”

The Trial of Kraken Jack

After a days’ journey up the shore our crew made their way to Black Hill Cove. They witnessed the fearful death of Billy Bones after his encounter with The Black Spot, laid upon him by the blind man Pew. They drove off the pirate known as Black Dog and found a map with the hope of finding Flint’s treasure.

They next defeated Marcus Royale and his band of ruffians, but in the process Kraken Jack claimed the life of an innocent bar maid, Theresa Thorne. Kraken Jack would stand trial, under the auspices of magistrate Thadeus Thorne, the victim’s uncle. With the “encouragement” of his (“I’m not an it”) crew and the aid of Squire Trelawney, Kraken Jack was found innocent and released. On to the Spy Glass Tavern, where the crew met none other than Long John Silver. Will they voyage to Treasure Island? Will they seek Dr. Livesey in attempt to restore Seratos? Sail on to find out!

Au Revoir Torath Ka!

Our crew survived their return journey to Torath Ka and ventured with the Wallaby to Bluth’s Crown where they claimed reward for bringing the lava needed to help repair the elemental stones. On to Shark Bay they sailed, with a little diversion with Captain Everson and the Ruby along the way. There they claimed their stake for the the Golden Kuala as well as learning a possible location for The Admiral. What adventure lies ahead? Sail on to find out!

Quotes from 1/17
Throw another CRAB on the barbie...

This week’s quotes eligible for a Benny!
Bentley describes an Australian type person as having a walking stick.
Dan/Seratos “Didgeridoo!”

Risa/Kraken Jack is explaining the latest course of (in)action, “I was just following your orders, Captain!”
Burke/Captain Anne, “When it’s convenient!”
Risa/Kraken Jack “It had the Kraken Jack Seal of Approval.”
Barry and Dan both say (as they clap their hands), “Bork-Bork-Bork!”

In an effort to turn things more to role-playing rather than combat, Bentley decides it is time for an “Interlude”. The characters can each earn a Benny by telling a story. A card determines what type of story it is, drawn randomly. The card determines it is a tragic story.
Kraken Jack/Risa, “ My tragic story begins…”
Seratos/Dan (interrupting as usual), “You looked in a mirror!”

Later, when combat had resumed, Foy played an Adventure Card that made the opposition stronger but allowed each player to draw a new Adventure Card. This was not taken well by certain players…
McCloud/Foy “Your negativity is hurting us!”
Seratos/Dan “Your CARD is hurting us!”
McCloud/Foy “On our ship we have a more positive attitude!”
Seratos/Dan “I AM ON YOUR SHIP! AND THAT CARD SUCKS!” (Ok, I just THOUGHT of saying that last part, but it was voiced by other members of the party…)

Seratos has the (not-so) endearing habit of trying to explain everything in scientific/mathematical terms. Various player-characters do not think this is a good thing. Also, we tend to bring in quotes from other sources…
Various PCs (exasperated with Seratos/Dan) “It has nothing to do with MATH!”
Seratos/Dan “That’s not how the FORCE works!”

Captain Anne/Burke “We should form a Swindon Trading Company.”
Seratos/Dan “…called the Swindlers!”

A little Walk About

The crew escaped the lava blood demon and associated Mephits, returning to the Mansion. From a journal entry, they learned of Dr. Livesey and how his work served to aid Dr. Marko’s unusual experiments. On the way back to the ship they rescued botanist Wallace Goodwin from a carnivorous plant and other crew of The Wallaby from becoming an Ugak feast. Will the Australians make it back from the Jungle? Will our crew make it off Torath Ka? Sail on to find out!

Quotes and such 1-3-16
Okay doc, now tell me the bad news...

Only few candidates for Benny quotes this week. Remember to vote early and often!
Bentley suggests another “surefire” plan, “Send Gronk on recon!”
Seratos (Mean Hindrance) says to Kraken Jack (Arrogant Hindrance) “ You always say that you’re the brightest of us, why don’t you set YOURSELF on fire so we can all see!”
On the question of whether the characters were flammable or flame-retardant, Kraken Jack says, “Hey, I’m not retarded!”
Bentley’s surefire plan #2, “Hey, why don’t you thumbwrestle to prove who is smarter!”
Anne says, “Since Kraken Jack’s immortal, I push him into the room!”
Bentley graciously informs the players that the fire spigots look like roses, “Roses are red. Violets are blue. I’m on fire, how about you?”
Risa/Kraken Jack “I will draw my weapon!”
Bentley “In your own ink?”
Honorable mention for the character who was mutated into a horrible freak and may remain that way forever since we kinda sorta killed the mad scientist that did it. It should be noted that the new monstrous form is tougher and even more horrifying than his normal form. No, honest. But hey, he looked pretty ugly already!
Seratos’ one word response? “Cool!”


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