Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

The Black Prince and Calib's Rock
Tales of underwater treasure

The crews of the Neptune and the Poseidon learned of the dark history of The Black Prince and its ethereal Captain Iago Alfonso de Toledo. They made their way to Calib’s rock where they solved the mysterious pit and claimed its treasure. Having made land back in Baltimus, what adventure lies in store for them next? Sail on to find out!

Somewhere Beyond the Sea
Not the song, a message in a bottle

Dearest Cousin,
I wish that I could tell you that all was well here in Dunnich, but alas, the tidings are grim indeed. I envy you your escape to the adventuring life aboard the Poseidon. I am sure that you have fared much better than our poor village. The fish have abandoned us. At first, they grew less and less. The fishermen started to have problems with their nets being snagged and torn asunder in the waters. What few creatures they did manage to catch were unwholesome in shape but we were so hungry that we tried to eat them anyway. They tasted foul, and ships were lost without a trace. It seemed the sea itself had turned against us.

It was decided that we needed a new worship to redeem our livelihood. I heard whispers that the church was used for ceremonies that would have been deemed blasphemous by some, and the other inhabitants of Dunnich withdrew into their homes and ventured out less and less. The rain came, and the streets became rivers of mud, draining away what little topsoil we had so the crops failed too. So we grew even hungrier, and a wan, listless gaze became common to our folk. A few ventured out to the beaches and sea caves, searching (so they said) for the pitiful remnants of our fishing hauls. Perhaps they did find something after all. We survived after a fashion. These days, my mind is not so constrained by pure moralities anymore. To survive we needed to embrace new friends, Lydia said. She said she would teach us their ways, the old ways…

My hand, it trembles now as I write these words. It is as if I feel an unwholesome thing wriggling inside me, disturbing both my mind and body. What was I writing about? Ah yes, the new friends. They let us survive, to be sure, but it is not always pleasant. The worship bell calls us to them. Perhaps the bell called them to us, a beckoning, lonely sound that echoes far to the sea. The beckon sounds and we muyst answere. You must answer too. I will put this message into a glass bottle the Sea will carry far away. Perhaps it will reach you, perhaps not. The messag is the important thing, I must try to cncentrate on it, to drown out the sounds of the crashing waves that beckon to me.

In the town ther are few signs now. The unceasing rain haff washed them all awaye. Thre is a curious new shoppe that has as its SIGIL a gleaming colour that also beckons you to look at things. I will go to there aftere I haff finished this message. The message is important to me, or was. I will try to rmember, perhaps. I shall snt this messag awaye upon the Sea. The dark, brooding, soulless Sea to warne you away. It is too late for me. Too late for this towne. But I wish you well. I rmember what it was like to be aman onetime. I shall goto the shoppe and gaze in wonder at the SIGIL there and perhaps write you again with a questionne, a nmportant questionss…


The Horror at Dunich
The Horror at Dunich. Our fearless crews defeated two ghouls, the nefarious Elder Horatio Grimes and evil cultist Lydia, Lady of the Church of Good Friends. In a narrow escape from the Octopon Half-Breeds, the adventurers made their way back to Neptune and The Poseidon. What adventure lies ahead? Sail on to find out!


Captain's Log #8 - The Poseidon

And so our journey continued, having freed the shipwright and his daughter from the foul tyranny of the Kieran Emperor Jannis Jant, we took our stolen people and goods to the north and closer to Arfk and the trading city known as Kaja. It would be a nice change of pace from the treacherous seas near Torath-Ka. As we travelled north, the cold winds were slowly growing stronger but a strange sight appeared upon the horizon! Flames that seemed to touch the skies and burned upon the ocean’s surface. It was here that we discovered a lone surviving Kraken, one who had been sent out to secure this powerful device from the middle of the sea that would supposedly be a powerful weapon against the Sea Hags. While my fellow captain seemed hesitant to risk her newly acquired ship in such a dangerous venture, I cannot deny feeling a thrill at entering such dangerous seas. Every test I pass helps secure my name as one of the greats of these waters, I’ll become famous one day.

It was agreed by the Company that we would head into the fiery blaze and secure this sphere from within. My ship, the Poseidon, took the lead and ventured forth into the flames. Danger arose on every side, the burned wreckage of lesser ships and captains littered the burning waters but we were successful at entering the core of these dangerous waters. Within laid a sphere of gold, etched with arcane symbols that I cannot fathom. It was a massive thing, huge and requiring both ships to tow it out from the depths of that hellish place. No sooner than when we began to make progress, we were beset by a horde of devilish salamanders! These foul creatures, native to the Croaker Mountains, must’ve been living within the fiery waters and feasting upon the poor souls who became caught within their burning web. The battle was fierce but quick, both crews becoming victorious. It seemed they had made their home within a burned wreckage, a wreckage that contained my new eyepatch! I humbly accepted such a kind gift from the Company and could feel a surge of power run through me. It was as if I more aware of my posture, how to present an intimidating form! I will use this gift well, as I am not above using a more forceful presence to convince my enemies I am correct.

When we escaped that dangerous place, we were greeted by the massive chip of High Admiral Caspian, the last admiral of the Kraken Fleet! Legends were whispered of the man, an admiral of amazing skill and more than a rival for even Duckworth. Rumors had it he was dead, others said that he was simply waiting for another opportunity to strike down the Hags. His ship, even though it showed the damage of his last conflict with those terrible beings, was still a thing of magnificence. He explained that they had lost hope that they would ever receive their secret weapon, a weapon that had a cost too dangerous and unknown for them to be willing to use previously. We made it clear our intent was to destroy the Sea Hags and save our world and the Admiral, though suspicious of our ill-mannered ways, agreed to hold onto the sphere until the day we needed it. A bone whistle was gifted to Kraken Jack, a single blow of it would summon the last Great Ship and bring our weapon to bear.

After leaving the Burning Sea behind, I finally convinced the beautiful Rana Racen that our purpose was not of ill purpose. She is as beautiful as the shining lights in the most northern reaches of Arfk and I find her passion for justice just as attractive. She has been dining with me privately now within my cabin and I hope to convince her that my interest is not simple carnal lust. Alas, every day we get closer to the Free Towns, the closer I get to losing my chance! I hope that my skills, daring, and fellow passion to revive Ograpog will show her that I am more than some common cur. Regardless though, we made our way at last into Kaja to unwind with some drinks, celebrations, and a splitting of our collected bounty.

While the men celebrated, I spoke to a fellow Masaquani named Caleb Candelas. The man was in mourning, having lost his brother in the far north of Kaja hunting blue bears. He made an offer for us to collect his brother from whatever danger he may be in, and he would show us to the wreckage of The Arkanaus. Eager for treasure and to bring the man some form of closure, we drank heavily that night and set off in search of his brother Caylen. We had the grael known as Narf lead us into the wintry wastelands, heading days north of Kaja where we stumbled upon an encampment in the white beyond. There were frozen statues outside, almost like human figures, when we stumbled upon and hunted a duo of Blue Bears. Their cries led to a number of Yetis to appear, foul creatures that attacked from the snow with surprise on their side. Yet they were not enough to stop us, the Company and I slaying them quickly and efficiently. It was then that the true threat roared up from the deep with a shattering of ice! An ice drake!

This terrible creature sent chills down my spine, but we held firm and confronted the terror. Something stirred in me and I stood forward, challenging the beast with a fiery intensity that sent a chill down its spine. The beast hesitated, unsure of the crew and I, and we leapt upon it without hesitation. Without a single casuality, we slayed the drake and claimed its horde for our own. Within its clutches, there was a battleaxe that seemed to catch my eye. I took the weapon as my own and found that it was enchanted as well. This fact, we learned, when we were attacked returning with our haul of treasure as well as Caylen Candelas. Once we returned to Kaja, we reunited the brothers and found the treasure of the sunken ship with their assistance. They were a little hesitant to split the treasure with us when there was such a difference in the cut but I convinced them of their need for a trustful crew. Too often have I led the Company to what I believed to be great treasures and instead, it led to a paltry sum. I will not be fooled again.

On our way back, however, we heard a tale of Marcus Smythe who was a one-armed man seeking vengeance against a whale that took his arm, crew, and happiness. Having headed to Kaja for that exact purpose, as well as feeling a connection with the man as one with his own crippled feature, we recruited the man and hunted the white norwhale known as….“Frosty”. After two days of sailing, we found the hunting grounds of the mammoth beast and set sail to hunt the beast down in just a single longboat. I could see that the men thought as mad, and perhaps I am a little insane, but the thrill of the hunt could not stop me from grinning as we entered the ice flow. All around us was chill death, the great beast not even respecting us enough to find us as threats. With rifles, harpoons, and courage, we struck! The battle was hard, dangerous, and we almost met the spirits that day if it were not for the mettle and skill of our crew as well as the capable abilities of Kraken Jack and Seratos. We successfully hunted the beast, slaying “Frosty” and bringing in a massive norwhale as our first hunt. Though the smell is horrendous on the deck and I’ve restricted [[:rana-racen | Rana] to the lower decks, I cannot help but be gleeful at the prize we have caught. Many riches are now ours in just a few days!

We set sail for Kaja, to sell our bounty and then set sail for the Kehana Flumes! There are items that we must harvest for the mages of Caribdus as well minerals we can find to enrich ourselves further. Soon, I think we shall secure our little fleet as privateers and truly begin to rein in the wealth we need to secure Caribdus’s freedom and salvation. Mother, Father, I hope you are seeing this and I have not shamed you too much. I will bring greatness to my family name and will bring an end to the Hag’s terror!

The Neptune - Captain's Log 2
From fire to ice...

Anne’s log

Well, we’ve headed into this flaming sea. Dodging the heat and the burnt and battered derelict ships, we have come across a great, inscribed orb. Seratos and Gronk have taken a longboat out to inspect this orb. It appears to be about 1,000 feet around, is made of some pliable metal and is inscribed with runes that Jack assumes are magical. Seratos managed to drive in a couple of spikes so that we can tie ropes to so that we may attempt to pull the orb from this burning ocean.

Soon after setting out, several human sized, flaming lizards or fire salamanders scrambled up the sides of the ship to the deck. The appear to have come from one of the derelict craft and attempted to attack us. With cutlasses in hand! Sacrebleu, I will never get used to the weirdness of this place…

I and Seratos managed to throw ours overboard while the crew put out the small fires they started just from their foot falls. They did not seem to be very proficient swimmers nor did they seem to care for the water. Perhaps it extinguishes their flames but they did not return. The crew of the Poseidon did much the same with theirs, though Jack did manage to kill one of the beasties by shooting magic water at it. Jack and Gronk went aboard the derelict craft afterward and found a nice chest of gold and a magic eye patch. Darius will be pleased and insufferable for at least a week.

So we sailed on, and with luck, had no more incidents within the flaming sea but upon escaping the burning water, there was a bright light and what I can only describe as a magic portal from which a gigantic ship appeared. To judge from Jack’s screaming and hollering coming from the Poseidon, I can only assume that this must be the great Kraken ship they’ve been going on about. It is an impressive sight and is inlaid with enough gold that I could retire for life. Seems very wasteful.

The Kraken aboard signaled to us to board and this great Kraken admiral deigned to meet with us as if he was royalty. It was obvious that he and his crew thought we were beneath them. So after he bestowed upon Kraken Jack a magic bone whistle to summon them again and went on about how the orb would seal the fates of the hags or some such, I stopped listening to his prattle. So they dismissed us out of hand and sent us on our way after taking possession of the orb that they had failed to acquire themselves.

Luckily, we arrived in the whaling port of Kaja without much incident. Navigating is treacherous as the waters are filled with great floating mountains of Ice. I’ve heard of such things from home but never witnessed them. And I have never been so cold in my life! Merde, I am even amazed that the thick skulled Grael live here, I can not comprehend how anyone else does. So we set off to find warmer clothing first thing. The price was exorbitant but Darius made an agreement with a local grael to hunt down five Blue Bear pelts in exchange for our cold weather gear. He also afforded our help to a local masquani to find his lost brother. This masquani has become lost with a grael hunting party in the tundra. I am not sure how we are supposed to survive and find this lost grael in this god forsaken place when even they cannot.

I am starting to believe Darius can not say no to every sob story he hears. I think it will be he that is the death of us. Not the Sea Hags. Not the monsters, the Kieran Empire nor even the British will be to blame.

So we have set out into this frozen hell in which we have to carry fire wood with us just so we do not freeze to death at night. I long to return to my ship and warmer seas after only a few hours. I now believe that the priests and bishops that warn us of a fiery Hell are dreadfully mistaken.

After suffering almost a week in this bitter cold we have come upon what appears to be a trappers camp. We hope it will provide clues to this grael’s whereabouts. I hope we find his dead carcass so that we may be done with this place. Jack and Seratos have proceed us into the encampment as scouts to which they appear to have been quite successful. As Seratos is now franticly waving his many arms about and shouting something about a bear…

Captain's Log - The Neptune
Black Anne's first log

We have freed the shipwright from his captivity at the hands of the Emperor of Kiera. While we were quite successful, Captain Drax came away much worse for the wear. He got himself encircled by the marines guarding the work camp and was barely saved by the timely intervention of Gronk and Kraken Jack. He may limp for some time.

While Drax was attempting to take on the garrison by himself, Seratos’ and my crew were taking on our task to take the cannon and destroy the Emperor’s secret weapon with much success. Much more success then our young captain was having.

After our escape I offered over the Little Queen to Captain Shanks and his crew since Captain Drax was in no condition. A reward for their bravery and in the hopes that if we run across them again, they may feel indebted to us. I have had second thoughts though. We could have used the third ship to scout and the extra cannons are always useful. Hopefully, someday it will play to our advantage.

We then proceeded without incident and much haste to Kiera, in which we left off Drax and members of the crew to collect our reward, pay off the new and as yet, unnamed, brigantine and swiftly make way. The shipwright, Noran Nass, and his daughter Ursa Ulm, have agreed to accompany us to escape Kiera in exchange for any work he can do upon our vessels.

And if you are wondering why I, Annebelle Noir, am writing this. At this point, I am now the Captain of the Neptune.

Captain Drax and the brigantine meet up with us at the designated rendezvous and we decided to proceed north, around the Flotsam Sea to avoid any Kieran patrols and to try our hand at whaling the Narwhals. And maybe take care of our task at the Flumes along the way as well. But of course, this could not go with out incident.

On our way to the Croaker Mountains we ran across Captain Kyrie Kal and the crew of The Moon Runner who warned us of increased patrols by the Kierans. We accepted their warning and wished them adieu.

By this time I had also reached my end with the senator’s spoiled daughter and had her bound and gagged so we could have some peace and quite. The girl uses her mouth constantly but does not seem able to use her brain. Perhaps because her brain is running her mouth so often it does not have time to actually think…

We soon reached the Coaker Mountains. After their passing, we came upon a singed long boat with a lone kraken aboard, floating in what I can only describe as a sea of smoke and burning oil. I have seen oil burn on the water before but the amount to cover this large an area is staggering. Of course, Jack was insistent that we save this survivor no matter the cost. Amazingly brave when his own is in danger. The Kraken was badly burned but we made him comfortable and he managed to tell us that he and two others were ordered into this “Burning Sea” to retrieve some “orb” and that this orb is powerful, will somehow help against the Sea Hags and will summon the Kraken great ship. But other then this, he was vague. I pressed him but he would only admit to being ignorant of anything more.

So we have partially circled this burning sea to try and take it’s measure but it is as we determined, quite large. We have decided to sail into it’s heart in the hopes that this Kraken tells us true…

Captain's Log #7

It seems being in Kieran waters addles my brain, as I have been too busy trying to survive these hostile waters and get us far away from here that it has been too long since I last left a record of our exploits and ventures. The prison break was a success, albeit a bloody one, and we were able to secure a vital clue to destroying the Sea Hags. It appears Byron Baltimus was in attendance for their execution and would know the true names of those foul beasts. It is imperative that we return to the Free Towns and secure ourselves an audience with Baltimus. Of course, there are other reasons why we wish to arrive in Baltimus as well…

We have secured a valuable lady known as Rana Racen, a daughter of a Kieran senator who is a little too outspoken about the deviant nature of their Emperor. We were tasked to bring her safely to the Free Towns, where the Emperor’s agents cannot harm her. However, it had to look like a real kidnapping. We were almost quiet with the way we entered in, though my crew is not known very well for stealthy exits. Did I mention that we left just a handful of men alive from that prison break? What can I say, Anne and the crew really seem to perk up when I say that there are no witnesses to be left alive….

We successfully stole the young woman, though she refuses to believe that we are her saviors instead of her tormentors. I worry not though, I am certain we’ll be able to convince her that we are her allies rather than her enemies. It is onto a different task though, a task to hunt down and rescue Noran Nass from the Emperor’s grasp. It’ll be another difficult task but I certain my crew and I will prevail as usual. In fact, Constantjin is finally recovering from the worst case of Flotsam Sickness that I have ever witnessed in my entire life. With the whole crew together, I worry not for our safety. What’s the worst that could happen?

The Account of Railin Rose, Bodyguard At The Senator's Villa

It was a dark and relatively quiet night, a night not unlike many. I was at my post when a heard the cry for help come from the main part of the house, the captain was calling for assistance. The Lady would not listen to our demands for her to stay out of sight and, as we ran out to the courtyard, I gazed upon an awful sight. Pirates! A whole slew of them had infiltrated into the senator’s homestead and, I had presumed, slayed the rest of the guards. I will not forget the devils for as long as I live and their visages are imprinted into my mind.

The first was a woman, the same woman who I believe is wanted for crimes against the Empire! I do not know her name, though I know she is quite the danger. Fair skin, black hair, and a ruthlessness about her. I believe she had only restrained from killing us because of an order. There was also the Kraken, dressed in the bone armor of their marines. He blasted one of the men with fire and maintained his distance from the rest of us. A keen intellect behind those black eyes, I assure you.

There was also the behemoth that destroyed the family’s treasured window, crafted two hundred years ago. He was a Grael, wearing a dirtied Union Jack and wielding two of those “battle balls”. I know how preposterous it is but I’m sure my account meets the others. Blades found purchase on him but nothing seemed to permanently tear through that leather. There was also a Scurillian, armed with a rapier and buckler who stole everything from the kitchen. I believe him to be their cook, further leading me to believe they are all devious pirates. Lastly, there was a Masaquani with an eye patch leading them. Purple skinned, redheaded, he wielded a long sword and a buckler as well.

They said it was a kidnapping but they asked for no ransom, left no note either. They stuffed the fair lady into a bag and took belongings with us. I don’t know where they went and I surrendered hoping not to die. I realize I failed my duty and I can only hope to make amends someway, somehow.

Further testimonies from other guards seem to collaborate their stories. None of the guards have been implicated as being co-conspirators of the kidnapping, though the captain has been relieved of his duty due to his lack of discipline. This matter will be looked into seriously and all hands will focus on finding the culprits of this foul deed. End of report.

Captain's Log #6: Long Time Coming...

Much has happened since the last time I wrote, my injuries were severe when we set out to rescue Angus McBryde from the grips of Ugaks and their evil magic. It was in that battle that I watched my dearest friend be brought low and I almost joined him on the doorstep of death. Thankfully, the courage and resolve of my company brought me back from the brink and kept me alive. We escaped that dreadful place, the roars of an angry god behind us, and escaped into sea.

On the ocean, we survived the attack of a Roc and encountered the ship known as the Ruby. A gambling spirit runs that ship, and I happily lost a decent fortune against the man. Perhaps another time, I will join him again and our good meetings will continue. We found ourselves there after in the port of Kiera, the opulent capital of the Kieran Empire. I understand the loathing the others have of the East India Trading Company, as I despise the Empire for all it stands for. Cruel, greedy, and ruled by a tyrant, Kiera happily uses slavery and corruption filters through every level of society. It is the opposite of Ograpog, not necessarily the most shining display itself but far preferable to the dictatorship that is Kiera. We searched for the fire mage known as Tomas, though we consistently met one dead end after another. I refuse to pay the damn Harbormaster his ridiculous sum, especially when we have our sights upon moving forward with a Brigantine.

Luck did have us though, as we were approached by a young maiden seeking help from those who were not the allies of The Whale. Her father, an engineer, had been kidnapped and force to construct a massive ship for the bastard himself. Nothing would make me happier than to inconvenience the man who let so many drown at his walls; Kieran and Ograpogian citizens alike. My own hope is to not only save the man but destroy the ship as well! It did help that she offered 20,000 pieces of eight, more than enough for us pay off our new ship and even maybe keep our current one!

We set off, seeking out the island harbor that held this ship, before we were attacked by a small sloop known as the Highlander. A pirate vessel, the captain threatened our lives if we did not surrender. What happened afterwards, when they boarded us, can only be described as a massacre. The ship’s men and women we cut, shot, and burned down until the ragged survivors surrendered to us. With this new ship in hand, we took our prize back to Kiera to sell it. I had hoped to secure a letter of marque but I want very little to do with Kiera itself. It seems that New Madrid is the place we’ll settle in. However, when we returned to Kiera, we saw that Anne had happened to get herself a reputation within the city. We put down the money required to begin construction of the new ship, kept Anne hidden, and we shipped out with gunpowder in our hold to sell in Paltos. It is also important to note that I believe I am suffering from not one but two separate curses. My left hand, the one with O’lonnais’s sword, is beginning to turn red. It hums warmly in my hand when I go to battle and I feel myself almost savoring combat. I need to find a replacement and soon. Secondly, I have encountered a bottle in the sea containing a note for a young man from his wife. She seemed to have lost her life in the Flotsam Sea. Unknown to me, however, was that I was now the target of the woman’s constant nagging. She doesn’t seem to know I am here, to be honest, and her actions can be a tad distracting late at night. However, she does seem to care for my well-being. It is only right I find a way to help her pass on into her next life, it seems her husband is the man I am after. Another time though, when we return to the Free Towns.

Within Paltos, we stumbled on a stroke of luck! The Valiant was docked within the port, the very ship that had our fire mage! Alas, luck was not on our side as the foul mayor was in alliance with the monster known as Torquemada, the Inquisitor. They had him arrested and hauled up into the prison. Despite our unwillingness to free one man, it seems that fate has thrown us into another plan. I worry for our odds, the Kieran Empire is not one to be trifled with, but no man can consider himself a legend without passing a few challenges. We assault the prison silently tonight. If all goes well, we’ll be in and out quietly before they know we were there. We leave now, may the spirits bless us.

In Media Res
Holy cliffhangers, Crabman!

At the end of the last adventure, things looked bleak indeed for some of the crew of the Neptune. A stealthy mission to rescue the famous explorer Angus McBryde from the unsavory clutches of a large gathering of Ugaks was planned (Well, at least part of a plan, maybe 12%.) Angus and another member of his expedition were saved from sacrifice to another mighty blood creature but seemingly at the cost of Gronk’s and Darius’ lives as the mighty Ugak chieftain and his cohorts attacked them savagely. Kraken Jack and Seratos rushed to the raised palisade while Gronk’s lifeblood dripped into the blood pool. Kraken Jack had set parts of the village afire, freed the tame yellowbacks, and generally caused chaos amongst the tribesmen, and Anne was offshore in the Neptune causing even more confusion and damage with bombardments from the ship’s guns. Then, amidst all the blood and fire and chaos a mighty beast erupted from the Agak’s blood pool, an immense gorilla-shaped monstrosity that was the size of twenty normal gorillas. Seratos’ assessment of the situation would be,
“Anne, congratulations on your fine new ship.”

A lot does rely on Kraken Jack and Seratos retrieving the Captain and the Senior Assistant Quartermaster from the Ugak chieftain’s platform. Although the chieftain is grievously wounded he still has two able-bodied henchmen to finish off Darius and Gronk. Even though both Kraken Jack and Seratos have a healing spell, the wounds that Darius and Gronk suffered will be difficult to treat since they are so serious. Seratos would probably try to find a door or something to use as an improvised sledge to drag along Gronk. But there is that 40 foot tall monkey to think about. So, what could happen? Well…

Since this is a gathering of several tribes, this “god” of the Ugaks might not be so pleased with all of them and decide to eat a few, adding to the chaos.
A fortuitous cannon shot by Anne might topple the chief’s platform sending his men into disarray and opening a large escape hole for our heroes.
A panicked yellowback covered with the shattered remains of part of his pen might drag our heroes to safety, blindly fleeing the burning campsite.
One of the chief’s sons might use this exact moment of chaos to assassinate his father and blame the foreigners whilst he ascends to chieftancy.
If this was an episode of Star Trek (classic), the chief’s daughter, promised in an arranged marriage to another chief’s son, would take this opportunity to aid Darius and escape with us (falling in love with Darius or Angus, natch).
Anne could have previously sent ashore a few crewmen at the ready to help us escape. We do have more than one dingy, right?

Respec-wise? Maybe Gronk could respec to raise his Spirit and get Hard To Kill, allowing him to suddenly not be quite as dead? Maybe almost everyone can buy Luck with one of their advances, just in case? Maybe Seratos should raise his Spellcasting?
Anyway, these are just some ideas I have had and I am sure the other players have good ideas of their own.


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