Scurillian champion of Science


Seratos has blue eyes and an orange reddish exoskeleton. He commonly wears a leather belt/harness with brass buckles.

Ag: d8 Sm: d6 Sp: d4 St: d6 Vi: d6

Boating d6 Climbing d4 Fighting d6 Investigation d4 Knowledge: Science d4 Notice d4 Repair d4 Shooting d4 Spellcasting: d4 Stealth d4 Swimming d4 Taunting d4
Throwing d4

Pace: 6, Parry: 6, Toughness: 5 (3) Charisma: -2
Racial Hindrances and Edges: Mean (crabby, -2 to Charisma), Pincers (extra melee attacks), Keen Mind ( + 2 to rolls involving math or memorization), Shell (3 torso Armor, 1 on arms and legs), Telescopic Eyes ( + 2 to notice attacks from behind)

Hindrances: Curious (Major), Poverty (Minor, half starting funds and spends money like water), Death Wish (Triumph of SCIENCE!)

Edges: Acrobat ( + 2 to Agility Tricks, + 1 to Parry), Arcane Background: Water Elemental Spells


Seratos grew up as a happy little crab (Well, as happy as any Scurillian would admit to…) but was amazed when all of a sudden one day, the sea started to rise and rise. At first he thought it might be just some strange sort of tide, but then he heard people around the port where he lived talking about how the sea was rising EVERYWHERE! He took refuge in a sailing ship and started his journeys around Caribdus. He reasoned that it was much easier to be on a ship that would naturally rise above the waters than try to climb up a tree or a mountain. That was thirteen years ago. He has been on ships mostly since then, even a pirate ship that ventured into the Flotsam Sea in search of booty. What the crew discarded as “useless parchments and books” became his treasure. For these were books on mathematics and the scientific principles from another world much more advanced than his. A world called … Earth.
He has heard the legends about this alien world, and he believes they, like most legends, are true not literally, but in a figurative fashion. He believes that the “saviour” from Earth is not necessarily just a physical person or thing. It is a concept, a way of thought called “SCIENCE!” that will be the key to ridding Caribdus of the horrible curse of the Sea Hags. Of course, to accomplish anything so vast there are many things (items AND people) needed so he continues on his voyages, hoping to find some of them.


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