Kylie Kirrow


Masaquani Water Mage, previously held captive in Paltos Prison. Recently broken out of jail by the crew of The Neptune and currently acting as Asst. Ships Mage on The Poseidon.

Agi: D6 Sma: D6 Spi: D6 Str: D4 Vig: D6

Pace: 6 Parry: 5 (+1 Parry w/ Rapier) Toughness: 5

Boating: D8 Climbing: D4 Fighting: D6 Notice: D4 Shooting: D4 Spellcasting: D8

Spells: Becalm, Water Walking, Healing.

Gear: Knife (D4+D4), Rapier (D4+D4, +1 Parry)


Kylie Kirrow

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