Kraken Jack

Kraken, Water, Fire, and Air elementalist and Ship's Mage aboard the Neptune


Smarts d10, Agility d8, Spirit d8, Strength d6 ,Vigor d8
Charisma: 0, Parry 8 (9), Toughness 6 (+3 with Kraken Bone Armor)

Knowledge (Masquani and Kraken), d6 Spell casting, d12 Notice, d6 Healing d10, Boating d6,, Swimming d6, Fighting d8 (d10 for slash weapons +sweep; d10 for rapier/cutlass +Florintine), Stealth d6, Survival d6, undarmed fighting d10

Heroic(major), death wish (Minor), outsider (minor), greed (for magic items only, minor)

Arcane Background: Magic. Elemental Mastery (water, fire, air), block, improved block, power points x 2

Spells: Healing, elemental manipulation, bolt, burst, blast, smite
- 2 to roll

Dagger, torch, bedroll, candle, ceramic flask, flint n steel, leather satchel, normal clothing, ships rations (1 day), travel rations, shaman necklace, Kraken bone whistle, magic spell book, blindness spell, red fuzzy slippers (+1 stealth, +1 climbing)

+30 power points

2280 pieces of eight


Kraken Jack

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