Grael adventurer


STR: d12
AGI: d12
SMT: d4
SPI: d8
VIG: d10

Derived Statistics

Rank: Legendary
Pace: 4
Charisma: +0
Toughness: 12
Parry: 11
XP: 118


Boating: d8
Climbing: d10
Fighting: d12
Intimidation: d8
Notice: d4
Swimming: d8
Throwing: d12
Knowledge Masaquani d6

Clueless (Major)
Illiterate (Minor)
All Thumbs
Enemy: British East India Company(Minor)


Beast Master
Giant Killer
Improved Block
Improved Martial Artist
Improved Sweep
Martial Artist
Martial Arts Master x3

Unarmed Strike str+d6+6
Grael Battleball (x2) reach 1, dmg str+d10
Harpoons reach1, dmg str+d10
Trident Harpoon reach1, dmg str+10

Sharkskin Armor (1)
Snake Tattoo (
2 grapple)
Grael ring
Blackbeard ring


A familiar face on deck is the enormous and generally good natured Grael. His name is “Gr’ahn’kh”…which most simply pronounce as Gronk. He has been a long time companion of Darius Drak.

Physical Description
Gray-skinned, stout build, muscular arms, and massive fists that have seen innumerable battles. Gr’ahn’kh wears a sarong and goes barefoot. Although he wears several pieces of gaudy and ornate jewelry, he is also very generous and often gifts shipmates with audacious pieces from his stockpile.

Gr’ahn’kh grew up with his pack, hunting the snow covered lands of Arfk for seals and blue bear. His pride was accustomed to dealing with travelers, and several of his kin had journeyed far from Arfk as members of a wide range of sailing vessels. Gr’ahn’kh enjoyed the tales of the places beyond the Cold Sea. He signed up as a crew member on a merchant vessel when he came of age. Like many of his kin, he was not a great sailor, but his immense strength was readily put to use around the ship and his boisterous courage was tested more than once in the treacherous seas and ports of Caribdus.

Life was good until his ship was intercepted by a Kieran Cutter. Gr’ahn’kh did not understand why the sailors on the other ship were so angry or why they were boarding his ship. The large Grael thought he was simply a hand on a ship doing the job he was paid to do; he was unaware that he had signed with a pirate crew. He watched as his crewmates were tried, and each one of them found guilty of piracy; the lucky ones simply branded for piracy and set adrift while most were executed and their corpses pulled behind the ship as chum. Only the captain and Gr’ahn’kh remained when the master-of-arms called the pirate captain to stand before the tribunal. The sentence appeared to be reserved as a finale for the crew; the pirate captain was lowered from the stern, waist deep in the bloody churning sea while the crew took wagers on how long he would survive and what type of shark would draw first blood. Gr’ahn’kh expected a similar fate, but it did not come to pass. Apparently, the tribunal took into consideration his diminished mental capacity, reasoning that the grael did not understand that he was part of a criminal enterprise.

The “compassion” shown to Gr’ahn’kh was to be left on a sandbar bordering the Flotsam Sea. While technically a lenient sentence, being abandoned on a sandbar near the maelstrom meant near certain death itself. He survived for nearly three months, weathering storms and hunting for food. However, the edges of the Flotsam Sea were home to any number of threats, not the least of which were wandering bands of ravenous Kehana. A particularly vicious band thought they had hit the jackpot as they came upon the lone stranded grael; the Kehana quickly discovered their folly as Gr’ahn’kh literally beat them to a pulp with his bare hands. In the aftermath, Darius Drak and his landing party found the grael knee-deep in Kehana innards.

He has been a long-time companion of Darius Drak since that time; the young sailor came across the massive Grael standing on a sandbar, surrounded by the corpses of nearly a dozen kehana. When Darius and the landing party approached in a longboat, Gronk simply stated, “They wanted to eat me…I did not want that”. Since that time, Gronk has been a steadfast companion of the Masquani, and they have sailed the seas of Caribdus in search of adventure.

Of all the shipmates with whom the young Masaquani has sailed,. only his companion Gronk knows the depth of Darius’ pain and need for vengeance. He has made a vow look after the young sailor, and will follow him into the heart of the maelstrom in order to protect him.


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