Captain Annebelle "Black Anne" Noire

Human, Sea Rover and "recovering" Pirate


Black Anne is the bastard daughter of a French Prostitute and a Spanish pirate. Raised alone by her mother, she was left with few, grim career options so she took up her father’s chosen field. She’s known for being ill-tempered and disagreeable but she’s loyal to her captain and crew and is as quick with an insult as she is with her rapier.

She resembles her Spanish father with swarthy complexion, dark hair and eyes and speaks with a French accent.

Quote: “Well Monsieur, someone haz to be ze company azzhole…”


Anne came to Caribdus aboard the British frigate HMS Lutine on October 9th. of the year 1799. Herself and what little was left of her pirate crew had been captured, their captain killed and sentenced to be hung themselves. They occupied the brig when the ship was called by The Maiden. Upon arriving in Caribdus, the Lutine, already badly crippled by it’s passage through the Devil’s Cross was set upon by Kehana. Anne and her crew used the ensuing chaos to fight their way on deck. She lost several of her crewmen fighting the Devil Fishmen and the British as well. Anne herself grievously wounded the British captain before stealing a long boat to make their escape. Fortunately, the crew of the Lutine where to occupied to make chase.

Captain Lancelot Skynner and the crew of the HMS Lutine still hunt for the escaped pirates to this day in hopes of seeing their sentence carried out and to exact vengeance on Anne for the permanent limp she left Captain Skynner with. She would dismiss it as “Just something to remember me by”.

Over the last few months, Anne and the few remaining crew members have either died or parted ways leaving Anne to survive on her own by hiring herself out as a Sea Rover.

Annebelle Noire AKA: “Black Anne”
Total EP: 152
Rank: “Legendary”

Agility D12
Smarts D6
Spirit D10
Strength D6
Vigor D8

Parry: 11 ( 12 with Rapier, 13 with Rapier & Main-Gauche )
Toughness: 6 / 9 with Red Beard’s coat / 11 versus magic
Pace: 6
Charisma: 0 (Mean -2)
(Attractive 2)
(Liberator of Swindon +1)
(Savior of Maora +1)
(Defender of Maora +1)
(Killer of Torquemada +1)
2 Persuasion & Intimidate with Reputation)
(+2 Persuasion with Magic Scarf)

Boating D8
Fighting D12 / D12+1 with Rapier
Intimidate D10+4+
Lockpicking D4
Notice D6
Shooting D10
Stealth D6
Streetwise D6
Swimming D6
Taunt D6
Persuasion D8+4+

Mean (Minor)
Loyal (Minor)
Enemy : Captain Lancelot Skynner and the crew of the HMS Lutine (Major). Now replaced with Enemy: Kieran Empire (Major)

Hindrance points X2 to Edges, X2 to Attributes

Improved Block
Quick Draw
First Strike
Common Bond
Cha +1 Liberator of Swindon
Cha +1 Defender of Maora
Cha +1 Savior of Maora
Cha +1 Killer of Torquemada
Tiger Tattoo +2 Melee Damage

Magic Rapier “Le Danseuse” – +1D6 to hit
Two Barrel Pistol
Pair of Magic Flintlock Pistol +3 Damage
Magic Coat +3 Armor
Magic Ring of Water Breathing
Bracelet of Magic Protection +2
Monkey Bone Skeleton Key
Magic Scarf of Persuasion +2
Shot W/ Powder X20
Leather Satchel
Lock Picks
Flint and Steel


Captain Annebelle "Black Anne" Noire

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