Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Quotes from 5/8/16

Burke/Anne: “We are adults” -met with several chuckles of disbelief

Barry/Gronk: “Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee” in reference to Kracken Jack’s heroism
Burke/Anne: “No, it’s more like stings like a butterfly, floats like a bee”

Risa/KJ: “Gronk, stay out of there, I have no food hidden there” in response to Gronk’s sudden realization that Kracken Jack was a gasp male!

Burke/Anne: “McCloud, why don’t you oil Gronk so he can fit” when worried about Gronk fitting in a tight squeeze.
Foy/McCloud: “Again?!”

Foy/McCloud: At the realization that the scribe was noting his questionable past with oiling the Grael “Don’t write that down!”

Bentley: “You see a bright red glowing” (coming from a questionable red gem)
Barry/Gronk: “It sounds like an irritation”

Burke/Anne: “But it could be magic!” to Kracken Jack in an attempt to have him ‘heroically’ lead the party into a possibly deadly circumstance.
Risa/KJ: “I don’t want to die” in response, and keeping her firm position… in the back

Risa/KJ: “Love affair gone bad, Anne?” in reference to finding a dead Long John Silver

Barry/Gronk: “What happens at sea, stays at sea”

Burke/Anne: “Take Red Beard’s Coat, I’m not dressing like the bloody English!” as she tosses the red coat aside in distaste (only to take it back when learning of McCloud’s possible intentions)



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