Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Quotes from 5-15-16

Burke tells a story about fishing
Barry – “That’s not fishing, that’s holding someone else’s rod”
Risa – “Which is never a good thing…”

In regards to the previous winning quote
Barry – “I think we should call GPS
Burke – “GPS?”
Barry – “Grael Protective Services”

Burke/Anne – Looking at Barry “I think you’re confused”
Risa/KJ – I’m not confused at all!" (She has a D10 in smarts after all)
Burke/Anne – “Not everything’s about you”

While attempting to haggle for a “fair” price with a shop owner
Risa/KJ – “You insult me Sir!”
Bentley/Shop Owner – (offended) “I am a woman!”
Evee/May – (muttered to KJ) “must not be a very attractive woman…”

When stopping for food, the chef announces today’s specials:
Bentley/Chef – “we have crab and squid”
Risa/KJ – (with a look of disgust) “Eww!”
Bentley/Chef – (glancing around in confusion) “what’s it’s problem?”

The crew speaks up with several ideas of how to infiltrate a particularly heavily guarded house…
Burke/Anne – “We could… But Jack really wants to blow his shell” in regards to Kraken Jack’s plan.

When trying to find a weakness of the Dragon Lady, the group gets a clue:
Bentley – “If you can find a way to bind her to her honor, she can not break that”
The group look at each other in deep silent thought, when:
Foy/McCloud – “… Welp! I’m gonna have to seduce her”

Risa/KJ – (to the group) “focus or we’ll never get this done”
Foy/McCloud – (with a look of determination on his face) “Oh, I’m gonna get this done”

Burke/Anne – Having exploded on his stealth roll “I am ze French Neenja!”

Burke/Anne – “All lady Kraken’s say ‘what’”
Risa/KJ – “What?”



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