Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Quotes 6-5-16

Burke/Anne – (to May) roll for wood
Evee/May – because that’s my specialty?

Evee/May – so Jack’s turning into a parasite?

Burke/Anne – (to Bentley and slightly mumbled) I can do fencing
Evee/May – (looking concerned) you can do frenching?
Burke/Anne – fencing, clean out your ears

Bentley – (npc in regards to Kraken Jack’s sex) Sir… Madam? (Looking confused) I’m not really sure which..

Kraken Jack – I hope it doesn’t start too early, I’m not a morning person (talking about the tournament)
Bentley – you’re not a person at all..

Evee/May – (upon showing her knives to prove her innocence) see all here and no blood… Er… No fresh blood.

Burke/Anne – (referring to a French man) I can talk to him
Evee/May – oh… That’s what you meant by frenching
Kraken Jack – and can get any information with that

Quotes are up, sorry about late posting again guys!



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