Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Quotes 5-29-16

Barry – (due to confusion) this is what’s wrong with my memories.
Bentley – All two of them?

While discussing different possibilities of infiltrating the Dragon Lady’s party
Dan/Sarratos – put a basket on the front door with a sign saying “free puppies”
Burke/Anne – and put you in it?

Bentley – You have a complex that way.
Foy – No, I’m just complex that way…

After several encounters with the ‘wu’ family name, an onslaught of word play ensues. Ones of note:
All players: woo-hoo!
Evee/May – wait was it wu-hoo or wu-who?
Burke/Anne – it’s both

Evee/May – (after a short discussion of Mr wu’s whereabouts) wu’s on first?

After a particularly spectacular movement, May lands perfectly having just killed two men in a single movement.
Evee/May – (upon landing) Tah dah!
Burke/Anne – (looking highly annoyed) What are you doing? Get to work!

Once again, the subject of butt plugs makes itself known thanks to McCloud’s noisy Dragon tattoo.
Burke/Anne – All Scotts must have a butt plug

Dan/Saratos – puff the magic Dragon… (talking about McCloud’s new tattoo)
Foy/McCloud – you always have to ruin a cool moment.
Burke/Anne – … That wasn’t a cool moment

Bentley – (seconds from death) this is your last warning, leave here now
Evee/May and Dan/saratos: we were leaving when you attacked us!
And then he was killed

Barry/Gronk – (to McCloud) you’d get a lot more confident in your repairing if you weren’t so ugly

(Sorry it’s late guys, enjoy!)



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