Valley of the Sun - 50 Fathoms

Belated Benny Quotes

better late than never!

Belated Benny Quotes

Sorry for the extreme lateness. I did write the quotes down last week, I just couldn’t find where I had them!

Kracken Jack/Risa, “I need something to help me in a sticky situation.”
Anne/Burke, “Like a wet sponge?”

Seratos/Dan to May/Evee, “Offer to trade him the figurine (you just stole from him) for the telescope.”

Seratos/Dan wants to get in on the captaincy bid for new crew, “I promise 50% more lashings!”

Kracken Jack/Risa declares, “I do not wear used items!” (and then murmurs) “Unless they’re magical.”

Israel Hands “What did I do?”
Kracken Jack/Risa, “You wrote on all our balls!” (cannon balls)

Israel Hands, “So my life may depend on my answer?”
Anne/Burke, “No.”
Kracken Jack/Risa, “Yes!”

Kracken Jack/Risa, “No more playing around with our balls!”

May/Evee (trying to cut a deal with a reluctant merchant), “These aren’t just goods, they’re greats!”

NPC Merchant/Bentley, “Are you threatening me?”
May/Evee (with no visible weaponry, hoping her reputation is fearsome enough), “Possibly”.



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